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Hopeless Addiction

I have this ‘not-so-secret’ addiction.  No, it’s not the wine … that’s a whole other post.

I’m thoroughly obsessed with notebooks, pens, and sticky notes and just about all things office-supply.  In any store where these things are sold, by a seemingly insurmountable gravitational pull, my body is guided to their presence.  Don’t judge.  A girl’s entitled to a weakness. Or two.  Or however many, who’s counting anyway?

But truly, a new notebook is like a promise.  It’s ripe with potential.  It’s screaming, “Grab a pen, since I know you have a thousand, and tell me a story!”

So I have this brand new story I’m working on and I’ve decided it needed its very own binder, complete with tabbed pocket dividers.  squeel!






While shopping for the folder and some much needed notebooks (hush-up peanut gallery), I came across a 3-hole punch.  Just what I needed for all the printed pages of notes, plotting worksheets, and photos of guys to be cast as my hunky teen soccer player.  (A writer has research!)  My sister tried to convince me not to get it but I held my ground.  See, doesn’t it look grand on my desk?


And check out what I found when I purchasing a pocket dictionary/thesaurus for oldest child.  Isn’t it just the cutest thing?

The following day, I accidentally meandered into Office Depot and you would not believe it, they were marking down the back-to-school supplies to these ridiculous close-out clearance prices.  I mean, this was not even advertised yet. The lady with the magic price-gun told me in confidence.  We bonded!  I asked if the prices would ring up correctly, a valid concern being that I had pre-sale insider info.  She said they would when she rang me up personally.  This is akin to her handing out free samples of crack to an addict in a meth-lab!

Check out what I got … all for … wait for it … $4.60.  That is not a typo, less than a 5-spot!

 What am I to do with all these glorious notebooks other than covertly hide them in my desk drawer for when I need an emergency fix?  Hey, I know just what I can do!

Wait, where did I put my pen?  Let me open this drawer …

Here’s one!  🙂


YOUR TURN:  What can you NOT resist buying even though it’s the last thing you really need?  Make me feel better people!


Electric shocks are fun?

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, there’s this adventure race called a Tough Mudder.  It proclaims to be, “ … a 10+ mile event through mud and gnarly obstacles.”

Let me repeat something.  “Gnarly Obstacles”

I didn’t really know the full details of this race until recently because, quite frankly, they lost me at ‘mudder’.  I’m not a fan of getting dirty.  This race is filthy, like you are crashing into, rolling in and slogging through mud.  I don’t have a thing to wear to this type of event.  I’d never get those clothes clean.  And why ruin a perfectly cute pair of running shoes.

Anyway, lately, talk of this race has been sparking up into conversations around me.  There’s even a group from our CrossFit Georgetown gym who are going as a team.  The anticipation is high, expectations are buzzing … everyone is amped up.  And I’m happy and excited for them.  I can’t wait to see the pictures, really.

But back to those ‘gnarly obstacles’.  Not only are there towering walls of wood, burning hay bales and probably greased-up barbed wire fences to scale, at the end of the 10+ miles, the last thing you do is collapse through a field of electrical current – and I use the term collapse literally.

Electric Shock Dash  (youtube video as proof to the validity of which I speak)

Is that even legal?  (Obviously it is.)  Does this cause brain damage?  (I guess not??)  But it begs the question … why?  Why would someone willingly run through live electrical wires when they are covered in wet mud?

My only assumption is that it is obviously worth it to them.  Now, this I get.  I understand doing whatever is worth it to reach an achievement.  We all have goals in life, aspirations and dreams and you owe it to yourself to pursue them with your heart and soul.


For these Tough Mudder crazies, er, I mean supreme adventure seekers, finishing the race, facing the most gnarliest of obstacles and getting to the other side is worth it.

For many years, one of my greatest aspirations is to be a published author.  I have written the books, entered contests, joined online workshops, attended conferences — started a blog — all in the effort to achieve my dream.  And I’m not done trying yet.  But I draw the line on electrocution in my pursuit of publication.

Or dol I?  How bad does it hurt anyway?  Will I still have my taste buds?

What about you?  What is the craziest thing you can imagine doing in pursuit of a goal or dream?  Come on, I really want to know.

Blog post or Novella?

How long should a blog post be?  That is my burning question.  Ok, I realize not all blog posts are created equal, nor should they be.  But, I have an opinion (shocker!) on this one.  I think shorter is often better.  Let me explain, briefly.

I love information.  I have a great time being in the know and peeking in on all sorts of things throughout the day.  Facebook and Twitter are never farther away than my smartphone, which is usually clutched tight in my hot little hands.  I’m always running around like a crazy person trying to get too much done in too little time.


If someone forwards me something via email and I have to go here, click that, read this long thing and forward to 32 people or have a curse placed on my head for eternity, I’m outta there.  On Facebook, if the hilarious video you’ve shared is longer than about 2 minutes, it better have been giggle-snorting funny.  When I follow links to blogs on Twitter, I want good, relatable, concise information and maybe a photo or two.  Bonus points for funny!

And yet I wonder, has our world become too focused on instant gratification?  Too impatient to appreciate the finer details?  Too drive-thru lane; zip in-zip out, and away we go?  Should I take time to smell the tweety-flowers?

What do you think?

Something I must ponder while I switch the laundry, check in with my Twitter-Peeps, tackle the grocery story, peek into Facebook and plot my next gripping scene before the house-natives get home from school.

Yes, I’ve started a blog!

In the effort to fully embrace the technological resources available, I’m going to learn how to blog to share my Writer-Self with the world.  I’m sure I’ll make a lot of mistakes but know I’m trying and I usually learn from my mistakes.  🙂  


Here’s to a grand new adventure!  I hope you’ll take the trip with me.

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