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Sometimes, the disco ball wins.

Some days, no matter how determined you are to prevail, how committed to be triumphant, or how tenacious you are in the pursuit of victory ….  the disco ball still wins.

This video always cracks me up.  One, because it’s hilarious! I mean, the irony.  And two, it’s a great reminder that we can’t control everything.  Sometimes you just have to let the disco ball win and prepare for the next round.

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the kind, where there are a series of obstacles constantly thrown in your path.  You jump, duck and scamper to manage it all.  You even pull our your best ninja moves only to be thwarted by some rogue ‘disco ball’?  Please tell me I’m not alone!

Usually when this happens, because I’m too stubborn for my own good, I fight, scratch and argue my way through. But occasionally, I have been known to wave my white flag, give the universe its point for this round and crawl into bed with a book and wait out the storm.

What about you? What do you do when the universe stacks against you and you finally reach ‘that point’.  How do you regroup?


The Versatile Blogger Award goes to …

I got my first blog award!  My blog is like a little baby still so this is like someone telling me my infant won the ‘Most Adorable Drooler’ award.  I’m very excited and want to thank my new Twitter and blog friend, Diana Murdock for honoring me.  I knew Diana and I had things in common the moment I read her Twitter bio and when I read Diana’s blog, I knew I connected with her.  She exudes love and passion and by example, motivates her readers to do the same.  She recently shared her new body art, which is probably the most gorgeous tattoo I’ve ever seen.  Thank you, Diana!

So being awarded the Versatile Blogger comes with a great pay-it-forward opportunity and I’m taking this very seriously.  I want other bloggers to feel as great as I did when Diana told me she’d given me the award.  According to the rules, I have the opportunity to do three things:

  1. Thank the person who shared the award with me and link back to them in my post.  (see 1st paragraph)
  2. Tell you all 7 things about me you probably don’t know
  3. And then the best part — award The Versatile Blogger to 15 other blogs that I’ve recently discovered, enjoyed and think you’ll love too.

Seven random things you may not know about me:

  1. I performed in professional water ski shows.  It came with being my dad’s daughter.  I started performing in shows when I was 12 during the summers.  Eventually I met my husband when we both performed in Sea World San Diego’s Beach Blanket Ski Party show.  Barbara Ann, Johnny Stingray and Howard the Coward = Crazy-Times!  I continued to manage and perform in shows until it was time to get a ‘real’ life.  Now that my show skiing days are over, I get to wakeboard, which I actually think is way more fun!
  2. I have discovered that I love Olympic weightlifting and earlier this year I competed in a small (but officially sanctioned) meet.  I even got a gold medal for my age/weight class.  We don’t need to discuss that I may have been ‘in a class of my own’ so to speak.
  3. I HAVE to have a clean car windshield.  I mean, I go through wiper fluid at an insane rate.  Which is why it’s tragic that the tank has sprung a leak and I no longer have a way to clean my windshield all day.  I’m driving blind, seriously!
  4. I know how to make my own sushi.  I adore sushi and learned how to make it from a dear friend.  It’s a process but so gratifying.
  5. Electronics and I have a true love/hate relationship.  I want to love them but it’s hard when they are so mean to me.  My husband says I shouldn’t operate anything with a plug, and maybe steer clear of battery operated gadgets as well.  TV remotes take a stand against me.  Computers go into an identity crisis when exposed to my handling. (Except my macbook-pro that thus far has treated me with the respect I feel I deserve).  When Mercury goes into retrograde, I quiver in fear that all electronic devices will spontaneously combust in my presence!
  6. Red Vines are the ‘real’ red licorice and Twizzlers are a poor-nasty-sweet-imposter!
  7. I love cash registers.  I worked in retail for many years and there isn’t a cash register I can’t dominate and tame.  Kind of goes contrary to the electronic plague above. Go figure.  When the cash drawer opens and I have all those bills stacked up neatly, facing the right direction, coins in their appropriate little cubby … it just brings me joy.

Now I get to pass The Versatile Blogger Award to:

Myndi Shafer:  Myndi’s blog is beyond fun and I predict so is the woman behind the big glasses.  Among other things, I’m hoping to learn about cool music, which Myndi knows about, and I don’t.

Liz Jasper:  Liz is flat out one of my favorite people and an absolute riot.  I can promise you any exchange with Liz will leave you laughing and feel like time well spent.

K.B. Owen:  Anyone who has a PhD in 19th century literature would fascinate me.  K.B.’s blog follows suit by being chocked full of cool tidbits I’d never have read about had I not visited her niche in cyber-space.

Susie Lindau:  Susie’s humor and fun nature is in all of her writing and I love that her blog has tabs so a reader can go directly to what interests them.

Janelle Madigan:  I immediately related to Janelle when I read her blog from 10/11 on being a perfectionist, especially the napkin copy-edits.  I do that!

Catie Rhodes:  I love that Catie’s blog applies to real life and encourages interaction.  Plus, who could resist the tag line, Full-Tilt Backwoods Boogie?  Not me!

Xandra James:  Xandra’s sense of humor is dry, witty and marvelous.  Visiting her blog felt like sharing a cup of coffee with a friend.

Jessica O’ Neal:  Since I’m a ‘Gleek’, I gravitated to Jessica’s blog from her Glee chat tweets.  Then I enjoyed the rest as well.

Lecia Cornwall:  Lecia’s blog is so pretty and enchanting on the eyes.  And she pretty much had me at ‘Auntie’s Borscht’ from her post on 10/3/11.

Julie A. Lindsey:  Exchanging tweets with Julie made me feel like we were good buddies.  I started reading her blog and have enjoyed every entry.  Plus, we found out we were ‘Piggy-Twinkies’, both having guinea pigs in our homes.  That’s bonding folks!

Colin Falconer:  Colin’s blog is witty, well written and totally engaging.  It makes you feel like ducking into a London pub and sharing a pint or two with Colin.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Stephanie Jarkins:  As a self-certified Soccer-Mom, it took me a fraction of a second to clink on a blog that talked about a Goth Soccer Mom Club.  How fun!  This blog is a hoot – totally enjoyable.

Jen McAndrews:  Jen participates in a blog called Pirate Writers of the Universe.  Do I need to say more?  Seriously, it’s so fun and a fantastic collaboration of Pirate writers extraordinaire, not necessarily writing about pirates, mind you.

Linda Gerber:  Linda’s blog always has amazing interviews and who doesn’t love a Freebie-Friday?  Exactly!  Linda always supplies a plethora of links so you can hop on down the blogger trail.

Prudence Macleod:  Prudence is so warm, inviting and helpful and so is her blog.  I love spending time there.  It’s nourishing.

Rachel Funk Heller:  Rachel’s brand new blog is not only informative and interesting; it’s full of life and humor.

Sandra Brougher:  Sandra’s Whole Health blog really hits on all areas of your life to help you focus on pure health to achieve that true balance of wellness.

Okay Versatile Blogger Award Recipients — your turn. Pay it Forward.  It feels GREAT!

“Survivor … we have to talk.”

“I’m just not that into you anymore.”


I must admit that while we aren’t TV addicts in our house, we do like to follow a few shows.  After many seasons, I think it’s time to say goodbye to Survivor.  It’s been going that way for a while and last week when we caught the latest episode of this year’s Survivor South Pacific, the deal was done.  Granted, I was happy to see Ozzy because he’s just so cute and he won our hearts in his first season when he was basically a dolphin.


But the DRAMA!  How do they have so much time to cry, scheme, rant, whine, lie to each other and show off their tattoos?  Aren’t they supposed to be building leaky huts, rubbing sticks together and eating ants?


And, for all that is holey and dingy, give these people their swimsuits!   My poor eyes!  I can’t imagine any person wants to see people running around in their grubby undies!  Let them wear their suits.


Helpful hint to the Survivor girls:  Pick a suit you can compete in.  And I don’t mean compete ‘for’ the guys but ‘with’ the guys.

Come on, where’s the Girl Power?


Girls, pick a suit you can crawl around in and scale a totem pole without anyone knowing if you’ve waxed or not.

Alas, I fear my advice will fall on deaf ears and my corneas just can’t take any more saggy drawers.  Sorry Ozzy, please forgive me, but my heart now belongs to Dexter!


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