Sometimes, the disco ball wins.

Some days, no matter how determined you are to prevail, how committed to be triumphant, or how tenacious you are in the pursuit of victory ….  the disco ball still wins.

This video always cracks me up.  One, because it’s hilarious! I mean, the irony.  And two, it’s a great reminder that we can’t control everything.  Sometimes you just have to let the disco ball win and prepare for the next round.

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the kind, where there are a series of obstacles constantly thrown in your path.  You jump, duck and scamper to manage it all.  You even pull our your best ninja moves only to be thwarted by some rogue ‘disco ball’?  Please tell me I’m not alone!

Usually when this happens, because I’m too stubborn for my own good, I fight, scratch and argue my way through. But occasionally, I have been known to wave my white flag, give the universe its point for this round and crawl into bed with a book and wait out the storm.

What about you? What do you do when the universe stacks against you and you finally reach ‘that point’.  How do you regroup?


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. so funny — I was just “talking” about this on twitter with fellow writing pal Jane Sevier. She grabs a bowl of ice cream and watches “The Closer”. I curl up on the couch with my dogs and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer — frequently there’s guacamole involved. I think we’ve all got that something, that thing we do when we just need to hide out and recharge. And yeah, maybe it’s best to do that *before* the disco ball gets ya ; )

    • Couch, dogs, Buffy and guac? You might have the perfect recipe to lick the war-wounds and rest up for the next round. Usually my ‘retreat’ involves a beeline to a wine bottle. It goes perfect with reading in bed. 🙂

  2. Have mercy. I think the disco ball hits me every stinking day. And my escape usually involves stupid television or comfort food. Sometimes both. (As an aside…did you know cauliflower is NOT comfort food? Huh?)
    Sometimes I play Bejeweled Blitz until I can’t see. Anything but face the reality, dontcha know. 🙂

  3. Great post! I go for a walk and if I’m in luck see a wild turkey and that totally resets me. There was the day, however, when I saw a skunk. I ran fast.

  4. OMG! I burst out loud with laughter! That was great! Yes, I have days like this far too often I’m afraid to say. But I get better at dealing with them. What is it they say about practice? It sucks? Ah, no, I don’t think that’s it. But you get my drift. Thanks for this post, I’m still chuckling.

    • Hi Debra. I’m so glad I gave you a laugh. See, now my day is complete! 😉 One of the best recipes for dealing with this sort of day is giggling with friends! If you can’t laugh, I don’t know that there is much home after that.

  5. I have felt that way so many times. Sometimes, it feels like a daily or weekly occurance. When it happens, my best friend always tells me to just go with the flow. That helps me to give up control and just let things be. At times it is hard to come to terms with not actually having control over much. But I practice just saying, “It is what it is.” and moving on. I also signed up for the email quotes from the secret, which are pretty much all about letting go and looking for the positive in things. They always seem to show up in my inbox just after the disco ball lands on my head!

    • I love that you get the right quote at the right time. Nice to know the universe is looking out for you even when it’s throwing disco balls at you. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. You are not alone! When I have days like this, I bake. That way I still feel like I’m accomplishing something, and I’m left with something delicious to comfort me!

    • Baking is really a comfort activity for some. I’m not a very good baker (even though I do love to cook), but when I do make cookies or something, I feel very homey and snuggly and it goes with the apron! 🙂

  7. Cooking , Prayer and gently stroking my dogs. These do it for me. Thanks for sharing a great video Ginger.

  8. Hi Ginger, loved the video. Yep, I’ve had days like that, today for instance. I just walk away, grab some chocolate,put some Firefly in the machine, and wait for tomorrow. It’s all Ok as long as we can keep flying. 🙂

    • Isn’t it so funny? I have to watch it again every time someone comments so I feel like we’ve ‘shared’ the laugh. I’m weird, I know. What’s Firefly?

      At least we’re starting a weekend! Woo!

  9. I haven’t seen that video before. Too funny. YES I can relate. When things stack up on me and I begin to feel overwhelmed and “What’s the point” begins to echo over and over in my head, I take a step back from it all and start praying for help. I’m not overly religious or anything, but I believe in the power of prayer. I ask for a breather. I ask for some peace. It usually seems that after a few rough obstacles and high stress moments, things get better…especially if I pray for them to get better! I give my problems to the universe and ask them (the angels) to fix it. I thank them for their help and wait patiently, trustingly, for their assistance. It always comes, thank God. Sometimes, we just can’t do it alone…and we aren’t alone. How cool is that? Thanks for sharing this post, I think most everyone can relate to it.

    • I can really relate to your reply. When the going gets really tough, I usually pray for help! (and yes, it always comes in one form or another) And you are so right, lucky to know we aren’t alone! Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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