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I’ve been taking part in an amazing online workshop about branding, building a platform and blogging which is being taught by Kristen Lamb, who wrote We Are Not Alone and Are You There Blog, It’s Me Writer.

One of the first exercises was to make a list of 100 words that can be used to define us.  Some people really struggled, some didn’t. Eventually, I think we all got the hang of it.

The exercise fascinated me.  As I read through my classmates’ lists I saw so many similar words and I saw words I wished I’d thought of (and I did add them to my master list — I’m not above sharing notes!)  What was so great is that you can really get an overall feel for a person in the mass of words they used to describe themselves.  I even thought it would work fabulously as a dating service technique, but I digress and I’d like to assure my darling husband that I won’t ever be needing a dating service … he’s totally stuck with me!

I’ve already connected with a lot of my classmates.  I have great new friends.  When I read their 100-list I thought, ‘well, no wonder we get along’!

I thought it would be fun to really narrow the scope and give myself 10 words, only 10 to define me.  Oh, and let’s leave off the obvious ones (mother, wife, friend, sister, etc.) I’ll give you my 10 if you give you yours.  It’s fun, I promise.


You only have 10 words to tell someone ‘who you are’!

Ginger’s Ten:  Writer – Fitness – Strength – Loyal – flip-flops – competitive – Wine – Smartass – Cooking – Christian

Ok, that was actually hard, 10 not enough words!!  But now it’s your turn. Tell me in the comments what your 10 words are!


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. I’m enjoying reading the 100 words of everybody in the class. I read mine and wonder if who I am is seen clearly enough in the words I chose, it’s tough:) I like your 10. It gives a clear-cut, right to the point, picture of who you are!
    Hmmm, I’ll try 10- writer, faithful, encourager, outdoorsy, teacher, romantic, cooking, loyal, seeker, denim
    I’m not sure all those words were even on my 100 list!

    • Thanks for commenting Kara. Like Sandra, some of your words I want to borrow. May I — encourager, seeker and denim. *grin* I have a great image of you from your words and I bet we’d be good friends!

  2. Giving, protective, laid back, loving, ginger, healthy, passionate, opinionated, loyal, fierce

  3. Dependable Loyal Caring Stubborn Reader

    Generous Strong Defender Passionate OCD

  4. Ok, here we go. nurturer, lover, strength, patience, encouraging, dreamer, story teller, romantic, seeker, sharer

  5. Husband, father, grandfather, physician bluegrass fiction writer, semi-professional mandolin player.

    Dr. Tom Bibey, author, “The Mandolin Case”

    • Hi Tom (or Dr. Tom!) What an interesting list. I love bluegrass music and we have a viola player in the family, so we enjoy a home filled with music. I’ll also check out your book. Thanks for commenting!

  6. lynnkelleyauthor

    Whoa, the 100 words was challenging enough, but narrowing it down to ten when my eyes are drooping is too hard right now. When I’m this tired, I like to be silly and goofy. How about garsh, numbskull, random, kidder, upside-down, lalalalalalala, bippity boppity boo. This is like having to take a surprise quiz. I think I flunked. Excuse me, I need to sharpen my pencil . . . back in a jiff!

    Okay, sorry Ginger, I’m just playing around. It’s been a long day and I’m taking a break from NaNo. Doesn’t that remind you of Mork and Mindy? NaNo NaNo! I know you’re thinking, what has she been drinking? Honestly, nothing but water!

    Fun post, Ginger. I’m loving Kristen’s class, too. I’ll have more time to interact with everyone once NaNo month is over.
    Have a great night!

    • Hi Lynn, thanks for playing with me! 🙂 I adore your comment and that’s exactly how I feel much of the time. I’m doing NaNoWriMo too (yes it does remind me of Mork!) but I’m getting a late start. Flew in on Monday and had to take a couple days to regroup. Now I’ll have to make up words but I think I’m up to it!

  7. Kimberly Centilli

    Here goes….dependable, compassionate, loyal, fresh air, independent, fun loving, grateful, shopper, hard worker, and giving! Ta Da, I did it!! ( :

  8. Sabrina McKenzie

    outspoken, mature, leader, trustworthy, dependable, smart, clumsy, chill, loyal, & adventurous.

  9. Shannon Esposito

    ooo, 10? I thought Kristen was a slave-driver! 🙂 Kidding! Let’s see:

    Paranormal, yoga, dog-lover, magic, flip-flops, organic, ghost-hunter, introvert, summer, empathetic

    I guess it does get easier!

  10. At this second, my ten-ish words are: full-bladdered, bathroom-loving, candy-hoarder, mess-ignorer, trashy-tv watcher, very full-bladdered, leg-crossed…gah! Great post Ginggg…………

  11. Passionate, intense, pantser, cardio junkie, generous, hugger, loyal, peacekeeper, writer, procrastinator.

    Fun stuff, Ginger! Got me thinkin’!!!

  12. Manic, Self deprecating, Colorful, Open minded, Change, R&R, Hugger, Strong, Cook, Social

    *I totally suck at this*

  13. Loving, Crazy, Optimistic, Creative, Driven, Loyal, Talkative, Writer, Comedian, Fabulous 🙂

    I love this idea!


  14. 1. prograstinator

  15. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s lists too. Some shared a lot of similarities to mine and other people were so different. I’ll admit, at first when I saw how many people were similar, I had a bit of a panic attack thinking “how can I ever give something worthwhile and unique when so many people share my interests.” Took me a couple deep breaths to remember that no matter how similar our interests might be, we’ll all view them uniquely. There is a place for me in the blogging world.

    I’ll have to think about what my 10 would be. (Kind of a perfectionist . . . )

  16. Hey Ginger! I love you’re blog and have even subscribed email…figured it would get me more involved as I get them via my phone. *big grin*

    OK…10 words: writer, warrior, healer, humanist, spiritual, poet, fittness, fierce, love, sun.

    • Hi Bonnie!!! THanks for the blog love and for joining in. It’s been AGES!! I adore your 10 words. They describe you perfectly. Whenever I see your name, I think of your story and visualize that big tree. 🙂

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