What’s your poor-baby food?

My tummy hurts!  Like, it feels as if there is broken glass doing zumba in my stomach.  It started Saturday night after we ate take-out Chinese, something we rarely do, so was a fun treat.  My stomach started cramping and I though maybe the food wasn’t agreeing.  All say Sunday … blech!  Didn’t even try to eat until 7 pm and then cramps started.  Woke up this morning … blech!

In other words …  I’m Poor-Soul!  And I need some poor-baby food!  In our family, we have the ultimate poor-baby food recipe for homemade chicken soup.  We call it Jewish Penicillin.  We got this recipe a billion (or maybe less) years ago straight from Goldy Rothenberg herself!


I make a short cut version because true Jewish Penicillin comes from homemade stock. I hope to make it to the store later for the ingredients to make my cheater version and a bottle of pepto.  Anytime my oldest child is feeling punky, he says he wishes he had ‘that Jewish Penicillin’ stuff.

When you’re sick with a squirly tummy, what do you need to feel better?  What’s your poor-baby food?


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  1. Mine’s the same as yours – my mom even calls it the same thing! 😀 The best way to eat it is over mashed potatoes. No one’s sick in my family at the moment, but it’s cold and yukky outside, so my husband is making the first homemade noodle soup of the winter today. His is even better than my mom’s. Yum!

    • Oh, I hope your mom isn’t reading my blog to see that! (hahaha) Wintertime is soup season in my house. I love soups. So comforting and warm. Like a bowl full of cuddles. Enjoy your soup tonight! I’m sure you will.

  2. I am sorry you are not feeling well!
    Saltine crackers and 7-up!

    • Thanks, Susie. Oh yes, I’ve go the saltine route whenever I’m the kind of sick with my head hanging over the toilet bowl. The WORSE! But I think I will pick up some saltines for good measure along with my pepto. 😉

  3. Shannon Esposito

    Awe, it’s going around here, too. I go for the canned tomato soup and saltines..and ginger-ale. Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Thank you, Shannon. My kids adore tomato soup with my dumplings and grilled cheese sandwiches. They had that last week actually. Yep, going to pick up some saltines. How come no one is promising that cheeze-its and m-n-m’s will make me feel better?

      Hey, saw Abby’s new blog post. Another Schnauzer. They are so cute and Abby is so smart!

  4. you poor thing. Gingerale and crackers is what I eat when I’m feeling really really awful. But I have to feel really really awful to give up real food. If I’m only feeling realy awful, I eat normally.

    • I immediately go into no-eating mode. At the end of these kinds of bugs, my jeans are considerably looser. I’m making soup tonight. Funny thing about ginger-ale. I drank that when I had morning sickness with first little-native and now I can’t even stand the smell of it. But I’m not a soda person in general unless it’s just sparkling water. Thanks for the sympathy!

  5. Oh boy, for me it is poached eggs on toast or home made mac and cheese.

    • Oh, now that’s some comfort food. On cold morning, I’ll sometimes really crave some eggs and my kids ask me to make Great Grand-Momma’s mac-n-cheese. Wow, it’s good. Can you say velveeta? haha!

  6. So sorry Ging!! 😦 Your tummy is not very nice to you at all! Maybe we should put it’s nose in the corner with all the cobwebs. That should straighten it out! ;o) I of course do the same as you as we grew up in the same house, with the same mother and the same Jewish penicillin recipe. ;o) My other personal favorite as you’ve also already mentioned is the tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches but, I know you can’t do the sandwich either. You know….the more I think about it….red wine and M-n-M’s really should do the trick. ***heathy vibes***

  7. So sorry you’re feeling icky! But way to turn lemons into a killer blog post! 🙂

    • Hee hee … workin’ it, squirly tummy or not! I stayed in bed all morning and have just gotten back from store w/ soup ingredients. Since I have to be at the gym tomorrow at 5 am (temps in 30’s no less), this soup better work! Thanks for the love!

  8. Oh yeah – chicken soup. Definitely chicken soup. Any non-spicy soup actually. Even Top Ramen is fine. Hot brothy, noodley soup. And Grandma’s quilt.

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. Pepto works for me, but soup is best!

    Feel better soon.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  9. Chicken noodle soup or just plain chicken broth is my go-to poor baby food. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Ginger!

  10. If I’m really under the weather, tea and toast. That’s hot tea with a little sugar and some milk. When a bad mood’s stalking me, red curry with chicken is a miracle cure. I’m pretty sure coconut milk has super powers.

    • Oh yes … Tea and toast for sure! I think that will be my breakfast tomorrow! Hey, I must have this recipe for red curry w/ chicken. I love curry, I love chicken, I love coconut mild and bad moods can stalk me! Care to share?

  11. Uh oh. Ginger there is a stomach flu going around. Yuck. If you were nearby I would definitely bring you something. Soup is the best when your sick and nothing better than chicken soup.

    I am sending you get well thoughts Ginger! Take care!!!!

    • Thanks, Karen. I don’t know if it was a flu-ish bug or not. It felt like a food-related thing but it’s lasted a few days so I don’t know. My soup tasted very good last night and I had a good night’s sleep. Today is much better than yesterday! I appreciate your get well thoughts.

  12. Tell your tummy it has to shape up! Which would have a double meaning for anyone but you.

    We didn’t have the homemade Jewish Penicillin version, but when Mom always made us Lipton chicken noodle soup. Good for upset tummies, good for hurt feelings. We called it Green Spot Soup because of the parsley flecks in it. I still go to it for comfort food on a cold day.

    My other upset tummy remedy is . . . vanilla ice cream. Don’t know why, but it helped me through morning sickness quite a bit. Wouldn’t do it for a stomach flu, but I would for a nervous stomach. My midwife said it was something to do with the cold. I just know I felt better after I ate it.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • Hi Jennifer. You know what’s funny … I use to HAVE to have the lipton chicken noodle soup. The one in the packet with the super skinny noodles. Very funny with the tummer ‘shape-up’ comment. Yes, let’s hope it shapes up inside and out!

      Interesting that vanilla ice cream helped with morning sickness. I’ve not heard that but I know I used to like ‘cold’ stuff too. Even biting cold air would make me feel better and now I can’t stand to be cold.

  13. Usually tea or broth works for me. I think it depends on how bad I feel. But your dish really looks good. I may have to get out of my comfort zone and give it a try! Thanks, Ginger!

    • Thanks Diana. I’ll have to get the exact recipe from my mom. I so very rarely sick that it always takes me by surprise. And then I’m resentful because it takes me away from stuff I need to do and stuff I want to do — you know, like read manuscripts and stuff! 🙂

  14. If my stomach is feeling bad all I want it pop, for the bubbles, and maybe some plain toast. I follow the BRAT diet when I feel like something is going to come back up or shoot back out. It stands for Bread Rice and Tea. I usually stick to plain rice and toast, although I have been known to bake the rice in the oven with a little cinnamon so it’s like a dessert. For a cold I drink Hon-hon-a-lem-lem. It’s hot water with fresh lemon juice and honey. If I have any fresh ginger I drop some of that in too. Unlike you, I don’t even try and make it to the store.

  15. Ginger…hope you’re feeling better today (hopefully the pepto worked on your ‘problem’ :)). Hey, I gave you a Liebster Blog Award today on my blog!! 🙂 It’s not Jewish penicillin, but maybe it’ll pick you up a little…


    • I saw it and I’m so excited! YOU ROCK!!! I can’t wait to pay it forward. Thank you, thank you! I feel better-enough today to finish the Christmas decoration, doing laundry and I’m about to cull through my closet for stuff for garage sale on Saturday and get some reading/critting done that needs my attention. Oh and start on the annual Christmas letter. You know, just easing back into things! 😉

      p.s. Can you believe that about the pepto comment. I think she was about to tell me about a ‘problem’ going in her house which I SO didn’t need to know.

  16. Sorry you’re not feeling well, Ginger. But let’s hear it for chicken soup! When I’m sick my DH makes a version with leeks and spinach.

    • Thanks so much, Alicia. Hey, that soup sounds really good. I might need the recipe. In fact, from this post alone, I need lots of recipes. Maybe I should do a recipe comment day. *lightbulb*

  17. I have two- rice noddle soup from the Chinese restaurant and homemade French onion with lots of onion and garlic- it’ll kill anything trying to take over your body.

  18. Poor Ginger. 😦 Sorry you were under the weather. Hope you are feeling better. I tend to be a chicken broth kind of girl like Shelia. I also go for the saltines (if my kids haven’t eaten them all) bread or rice. But I rarely feel like making myself the rice.

  19. My grandma used to make chicken soup from homemade stock and these weird little grated dumplings from handmade dough. it was the perfect I’m-sick-and-need-some-grandma-comfort food. She’d also make me this plain, dry white rice that I could eat no matter how sick I was. (In case you couldn’t guess, my grandma often came over to care for me when I was sick as a kid.)

    • Ok, that soup sounds really good because I love homemade dumplings and only allow myself those sorts of treats when I’m feeling particularly poor-soul. I think it’s really special that your Grandma would come take care of you when you were sick. Very cute!

  20. So sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. Ouch – nothing worse than good Chinese food doing bad things to the body…here’s to feeling better soon!
    My feel-better food: Pepto Bismal!
    That soup looks DELICIOUS!

  21. Awww, poor thing! Feel better real quick. Poor-baby food, that’s cute. Perhaps when you’re all better you can post the recipe? ; )

    Sending huge get well hugs to you!

    • I will definitely post my recipe. I love to cook so maybe I’ll do a one a month (or more) recipe share blog. My specialties are soups and salads. Thanks for the hugs, I do feel better!

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