WritersButt Pep Talk

*Ginger runs into room waving her arms frantically*


Hi Beautiful people!  It’s WritersButt Wednesday! Can I have a “Yee Haw!!!”?  (I live in Texas, doing a good ol’ Yee-Haw occasionally is required.)

I caaaan’t heeeaaarr you!  Try it again.

“Yeeee Hhaaaawwww!!!” That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Alright, gather round. Let’s chat.

How was the past week?  Did you keep up with your water drinking? Are you practicing gratitude? Did you see some areas in your diet that needed change, and if so, were you able to make a change for the better?  What about your sleep? Did you get more shut-eye this week?  How about that mini-workout of lunges and up-downs … did you do it every day? Some days? Even once?

I REALLY want to know.  Share with us your success or struggle so we can all support each other.

So, I told you last week that I was going to talk about the negative effects of certain things in your diet for today but I’m going to hold off because I think you need to hear something else.  I think you need a little dose of Ginger-Talk.

The past two weeks I’ve given you all mini-workouts to do once or twice a day.  I left it up to you to choose when to do them.  Well, I got a lot of feedback that incorporating these little workouts, even though they were only 2-5 minutes long, was harder than say the potty squats that you had to do maybe as many as 10 times a day.  I found this interesting and it got me thinking.  (It’s been known to happen.)

We’re talking less than 5 minutes! It takes about that long to drive through Starbucks and order a venti, quad-shot, extra hot, soy, no-whip, skinny, non-fat, vanilla latte for goodness’ sakes!

Why was it so hard for many of you to stop and take a break and do a mini-workout? I’m sure there are many reasons for this but I believe a predominant one is routine and making the CHOICE to MOVE.  See, with the squats or push-ups every time you went to the bathroom, the choice was already made.  I made it for you when I told you what to do and when to do it. Sure, you could have told me to forget it, and I’m sure some people did, but many of you liked the routine of doing them every time you went to the bathroom.  You were already there, so you might as well just get them done.

But, choosing to stop whatever you were working on to get up and do a workout, well, that required making a conscious choice. We make the decision to do something because there is a reward involved. This is universally true.  So by NOT doing the workout, you have chosen the reward that comes from saying no. I don’t know what that is. Maybe you feel you really need those 5 minutes to get more words on the page.  Maybe you know that those lunges are going to be hard and your butt and quads will burn, and well that doesn’t sound that much fun so the reward is avoiding that work.  Sound familiar?

What I want to do is to help you believe that making the choice to work out, to make different/better nutrition choices, get more sleep, drink more water all come with HUGE rewards.  The number one reward is your health. I’m sorry, but there is NOT a better reward than that. You can’t write the next best seller while you are exhausted, sick, depressed, and dehydrated.  Well, maybe you can but I bet it won’t be the best work you can do and it sure as heck won’t be fun, because being sick is not fun!

Ignoring your health makes you weak on the inside and the outside.  That is the truth. I’m sorry the truth stinks sometimes.

But I have good news! Every single step toward your whole health is made up of small, everyday choices you make.  You are the All Powerful Oz.  (Sorry, just saw Wicked last weekend – SOOOO good!)

I realize making these choices seem hard because they are different than the choices you have been making and hardly anybody likes change.  But come on … give it a try! I promise you, you will like the results!

You will feel energized, rested and happy.  You will feel stronger, healthier and lighter.  You will have creativity at your beck and call, empowerment in your attitude and hopeful conviction in your spirit.

All because you chose to rest and hydrate your body. You chose to make some changes in your diet, taking out toxic, insulin-triggering, processed foods and fill it with wholesome, clean, nutrient-packed fuel for your body and mind. And you made the choice to strengthen and challenge your body in workouts that will promote muscle growth and brainpower!

Don’t believe me?  Prove me wrong! I double-dog-wizard dare you!

This Week:

Staples: 100 oz water daily. 3-5 Gratitudes.

Food: Careful and deliberate choices for your health.  Have a question? Tweet me! { @GingerCalem }

Workout: We’re heading back to the potty. Yep, I want you all to feel this is doable and that you will have ‘opportunities’ to workout, so back to the john we go.  Every time you go to the bathroom, I want you to flush (obviously!) and then for the time it takes the tank to refill, I want you to hold a ‘wall-squat’. Ideally this will be AT LEAST 30 seconds.  I would not be opposed to 1 minute. ~sweet grin~

~Thighs parallel to the floor, don’t lean forward, don’t rest hands on legs, keep knees behind toes. Do it.~

If that is not possible for whatever, legitimate reason … you may do 10 – 15 potty squats OR 5-10 Push-Ups. Too many choices?  Get over it and get it done.

Support: Need support doing the week? We are hanging out on Twitter using #writersbutt hashtag and we are on our very own Facebook Page.

Are we all pumped up for an awesome week?  Just say yes so I don’t go all postal and throw broccoli at you.  I know with 100% certainty that this is going to be a kick ass week. (Literally!)

Go WritersButt!!  Go YOU!


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. Wow, going to the bathroom is becoming more and more tedious.

    I’ll admit I haven’t been following your regime exactly as I’m supposed to be, but I have been going to the gym 3 days a week since January 1st and to zumba 2 nights a week. Does that count?

    I have been drinking the water and the journal, although maybe not 3-5 things a day, but still, a journal. My eating goes from good to not-so-good then back to good, but over all, I’m trying to be more aware of it.

    Thanks for the encouragement again. Those squat things against the wall are killer on thighs. I’ve done them before (although not in the bathroom).

    Another good post, Ginger!

    And, BTW, I mentioned you in my blog post today as well. If you get a chance go on over and check it out. I think it’ll make you smile. (http://www.jansenschmidt.wordpress.com)

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Oh, I haven’t been drinking the journal, I’ve been keeping the journal. Helps to proof read before you post!


    • Cracking up at the ‘tedius bathroom breaks’. Very funny!

      You know, what you’re doing TOTALLY counts and in fact, it’s fantastic. You are already doing ‘more’ than what I’m prescribing, so you’re ahead. In fact, unless you just want to have fun with the wall squats and such, you get a pass, because you are already getting a daily dose of exercise, which is what I’m trying to encourage. 😉

      Loved the mention and shout out on your blog. Very cute and funny post! Thank you.

  2. LOL Ginger! What are you going to do with these unruly people? Is there no hope! LOL!

    And Diane Capri called ME a slave driver. Yikes girl, spoken like a true personal trainer!!!

    Well, all I can say is may the force be with you my friend. Yes, I did just call you my friend. Why? Because I know that you are looking out for my health. There…I said it.

    I do drink the water because I did live in Phoenix for 19 years, so if you don’t drink, you die!

    And I do have to say that my eating habits are good. I have always watched what I eat. I just need to move more. But as you know I have CFS, MCSD and it does affect my energy level. But I’m working on it.

    Thanks for the push today. I will try to get my butt on #writersbutt and see how ya’ll are doing over there. Right now I have my hands full trying to make a success of Diane Capri’s Book launch. I am hoping to prod some people to come on over and join the party, you know what I’m saying? It’s a party and I’m serving all you can drink Champagne!!! Spread the word girlfriend!

    Oops, I’ve got to go do my squats, I mean pee, Oh, I don’t know what to do first! LOL! Bye! 🙂

    • You got a little glimpse of ‘CrossFit Ginger’. 🙂 Just yesterday one of my clients said on Facebook, “Ginger takes no pity on people in the gym”. wow! 🙂

      I LOVED your party and I helped myself to champagne, since you know, I did my workout and all. haha! I know you do a really good job on your water and diet and I know that you face some health challenges in the workout portion. For that, if you have any questions, let me know. I don’t know enough about the conditions to have all the answers, but I am always willing to learn and help if I can. HUG

  3. The all-you-can-drink champagne Karen is serving is calorie free, so head over to http://www.karenmcfarland.com/an-interview-with-diane-capri without guilt. Ahem, speaking of guilt, Ginger, I thought the video of the person doing those up-downs was meant to awe and entertain. You thought I could do an up-down? You so overestimate me. I’ll give the squats-against-the-wall a try despite what Patricia said about them being killer on the thighs. I like the idea of leaning against a wall. Heck, I like the idea of leaning against anything.

    • Hi Pat, my friend! Now-now, I did say in last week’s post that the up-downs could be modified. You could literally crawl down to the floor and step your feet back and forth. I don’t overestimate you. I KNOW you are capable of great things because you’re awesome!

      Yes, lean against the wall, creating a ‘chair’ out of yourself and try not to think of your quads burning. It’ll be worth it. I promise.

  4. Oh, you are evil with those wall squats 😉 I do wall squats as part of my weekly exercise routine, and they leave you shaking my the end–but you know that means they’re working.

    • I’ll own ‘evil’, since I know it’s said in the sweetest way possible. Not the worst I’ve been called. 😉 Maybe for you …. one-legged wall squats — alternate every 10 seconds.

  5. For me, mini workouts just don’t work. Once I am at the gym, I like to have a good workout. I have been doing weights, alternating upper and lowe body, and then thirty minutes of cardio. Stopping something else that I’m doing just isn’t the same. I like that dedicated hour to really get into the workout. I like how my body feels after I’ve warmed up and started sweating. I know that mini workouts work for other people, and that is great. I just know that I have to do what works for me. I love the exercises that you post, I just want to mix them in with my regular gym routines. Thanks for the motivation!

    • Hi Emma! Like Patricia, you’re ahead of the game. You know what works for you and you are doing it! The WritersButt workouts are just ‘extra’ for you if you feel like joining in. The entire point is to do what you’re doing, get regular workouts into your schedule! And, you can totally incorporate these types of workouts into your gym routine. In fact, if you kick it up a notch, like I do for my CrossFit clients, you will not need the 30 minutes of cardio because you’re entire workout will be cardio due to the weight training w/ intensity. In you’re interested, my gym has a Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crossfit-Georgetown/120827911267895?ref=ts )and our workout of the day is usually posted there (by my sister, Molly — fellow wana1011). You can try a few of them and if you have questions, let me know.

  6. Sorry Ginger, I’m from Manhattan and Philly. Us urban Northeasters just don’t yee-haaw. But we can say Yo!! Followed by some juicy expletives at cab drivers that cut us off in traffic. As for the working out. No problems. I love my body. Vanity and going for optimum health keeps me in shape. It feels sooo right. If I was twenty years younger I’d want be a junior middle weight boxer. But that’s just fantasy. Still, boxing is the best workout on the planet in my book. What else. Oh, yeah. Recently bought a VIta-mix juicer at Whole Foods. Fantastico!! Mixing up all kinds of vegetable and fruit drinks. Everything organic. It’s great!

    • Hi Roy. Come ON!! Just one teensy-tiny-little Yee Haw, just for me? (full-disclosure: I’m a southern California girl and yee-haw doesn’t roll that easily off my tongue either!) 🙂

      I totally know you’re set for working out. Hey, I’d love to hear more about your juicing and I can include some recipes in a future WB blog. One of my best friends, who is a certified health coach, is big-time into juicing. Boxing huh? My experience with boxing is from Kenpo from P90X with Tony Horton for a solid year! A true boxing experience is the perfect recipe for intensity. Go YOU!! Thanks so much for you support of WB. I truly appreciate it.

  7. Wall squats! *shiver* those are evil little butt busters. I love them and I hate them. For you, I’ll do them.

    • Aww, I love that you’ll do evil butt busters just for me. Thanks! 🙂 Have you ever done kettlebell swings? They really get the butt/hamstrings! I just visualize my rear looking good in my jeans and I just keep going. haha

  8. Love the pep talk! You are right, it’s all about making a commitment to yourself to live your best life and then putting actions behind that commitment.
    I decided to stick with my 3 weights and 3 cardio a week – non-negotiable. And now I’ve gone back to your first week challenge and have started doing squats with every bathroom break. I find it’s a really easy habit to implement and keep up with. Otherwise, I get distracted with my days work and next thing I know, I missed doing my mini-workouts. I’m gonna just keep at it!!! It gets easier each week…
    Loving the water!!!

    • You’re doing fantastic with your regular workouts and even adding in some WB stuff too. I’m so happy that the bathroom idea is working out well for a lot of people. It makes sense because it’s a place everyone will go multiple times a day. You rock!

  9. So, I have to thank you, Ginger…after spending these past few weeks with you and your tortur…er, I mean exercises, I realized how much I missed exercise. I mean, I really really love the way I feel after a good sweat or swearing session! This past year I struggled the entire year with two compressed discs and went through a few small procedures/physical therapy so I didn’t work out for a year. Now that I’m feeling able I needed to get my writersbutt (aka Gertrude) back to the gym. Which is what I have done this week, thanks to your motivation! I feel oh so happy about this. Now, I just need the best way to build all that muscle back that I lost 😦 I’m still doing the lunges and will do the wall squats, too. Any other suggestions???

    • Hi Shannon. You made me feel great. Thank you!! Adore ‘Gertrude’! Fantastic and you know, way to go to ease your way back into the routine and fall in love with working out again.

      Ok, so to increase your lean muscle you’re going to have to add in some more weight (over body weight stuff). Since you’re at the gym, you have some stuff at your disposal. At CrossFit, we do a lot of Olympic and power weightlifting, which involves instruction if you’ve never done this. But we also do kettlebells, medicine balls, pull-ups and you can use dumbbells for so much too! And we mix all this stuff up into different combinations, throw in some running and sprinting too. Alright, maybe we should chat via email. 🙂

      • Okay, I worked very hard this week and today I had to fall on the toilet, not sit on it (ouch!)so couldn’t do any wall squats but in a few days will try the kettleball. I found a good series of workouts online! When I get broken in, I hope you don’t mind if I pick your brain again for more advanced moves!

  10. If you really want to be evil, add the “one leg out” during the squat and hold position for 10. All these people will love you.

  11. LOVE the wall/sit exercise, Ginger. It looks so deceivingly comfortable… LOL Thanks for inspiring us all with your fab tips and awesome wit. (Hey, almost rhymed! ;)) Hope you’re having a super weekend.

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