WritersButt Wednesday: Create a Powerhouse in You!

Well, hello my WritersButt Warriors!  Who feels like a warrior? Anybody?  After an unplanned week off for you all last week, I’m back! Come on, pretend you’re thrilled. Aren’t you just a tiny smidgen happy to see me?  I’ll assume that’s a yes.

Ok, so I had a totally different WritersButt post to give you all today but I’ve changed my mind. As they say, that’s my prerogative. I’ll come back next week with that other though so that I can say something else today.  So sit back a moment and let me share what’s been curly-swirly in my brain today.

(image created at wordle.net — wish it was bigger, oh well, next time!)

Consider this.  When you love something, you feel good.  When you feel good, you are inspired. When you are inspired, you are more creative. When you are more creative, you are limitless in what your can do, imagine and dream.

So, how do we get to that magical limitless creativity?  Go back to the beginning.

When you love something …

If I asked you all, what do you love, would immediately answer, “Myself”?  I’m betting only a small minority, if anybody. But you are asking yourselves to be spouses, parents, friends, writers, entrepreneurs, motivators and more.  How can you be all those things at your highest potential if you don’t start with loving and believing in the source? You!

Loving you starts with taking care of your body and mind.

I know that when I make choices to be fit and healthy, I not only feel good physically, I am hopeful and energized.  I feel I can do anything! When I hit a rough patch and maybe turn to some not so smart choices, I feel sluggish, frustrated and guilty, because I know I did it to myself.

This is not to say you have to be ‘perfect’ all the time. Anyone who knows me can attest that if I go to the movies, I get movie popcorn. I walk into the theatre and the smell makes me smile. That stuff is terrible for me but the movie is so much better with my popcorn. Because I’m so disciplined most of the time, I allow myself that popcorn, guilt-free, and enjoy my reward for being consistently on-track. Funny, whenever I’m not doing very well with my diet and fitness, and I have that same popcorn, I don’t enjoy it as well because it represents another bad choice. But if I’ve been on-track, I can love every fluffy, crunchy, popped, kernel.

Emotions play such a vital role in the choices you make and how you feel about them and yourself.  So often people tell me, “I’ve been so bad” or “I’m such a loser” or “I tried but I can’t …”

We are faced with choices almost every moment in our day.  The key to changing habits is to take a moment to consider those choices and what you will gain from them and how you will feel about yourself after you make them.  Many people will say they want to get into shape and be healthy.  But, throughout their day, and day after day, they make choices that do not bring them any closer to achieving their goal of fit and healthy.  To make matters worse, they’ll convince themselves (and often anyone else who will listen) why they couldn’t do it. All sorts of excuses.

Do you know what?

You can have excuses.  Or you can have results. Not both.

If you want to be healthier in mind and body, make the choices to get there. If you don’t make those choices, you have decided on some level that healthy is not as important as whatever you chose to do or eat instead.  It’s really that simple.

Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s when you’ve had everything to do, and you’ve done it.

~ Margaret Thatcher

Even though changing habits and routines isn’t easy, it’s doable. Small steps.  You will not do one workout and turn into a fitness model madly typing away the next bestseller because creativity and inspiration are streaming out of your pores along with your sweat. But that one workout will turn into two. Those two workouts will give you some sore, achy muscles.  But instead of stopping, you’ll hear a little Ginger-Voice in your head reminding you that if you keep going, you will feel better, your body will adapt, don’t STOP!

Soon, you’ll be enjoying the changes in your body and how you feel about yourself. You’ll want to do more and do it faster. You’ll crave good nutrition as your fuel-source because the new workout-you can’t run on crappy, nutrient-void, fuel. No, you’ll want the premium, high-octane fuel. The stuff that doesn’t come with an ingredient list the length of your arm, packaged in a box for your ‘convenience’.  Because now you know that it’s not convenient to feel like a slug and have your mind be muddled.  You want clean, fresh energy!

This entire process creates a snowball effect, but it starts with a choice.  A choice to love and honor yourself, to be good to yourself, to give yourself every chance to feel appreciated and nourished so that you will be limitless.  Don’t you believe you are worthy of that love? Aren’t you important enough for that attention?  I believe you are!

I dare you to love yourself so much that you flourish into a person bursting with inspiration and empowerment. Be that person! I’m telling you, you CAN do it and by doing so, you will motivate others by your example, you will feel amazing and your writing will reflect the powerhouse you’ve created inside of you.

On that note, here are your challenges for this week:


One-legged potty squats.  Don’t GASP!  Yes, these are hard but you can do them, maybe with a little help if you have something nearby to help you up. Every time you go to the bathroom, (you’re still getting your 100oz daily, right?) do 10 one-legged squats, alternating sides, so 5 each leg. (If this proves too hard, scale back to the regular squats but increase this week to 15!)

Bonus Workout to be done 2 times this week:

5 rounds of –

20 jumping jacks

10 steps walking lunges (hold your dumbbells if you have them)

5 Push Ups

*Time yourself and see if you can beat your time on your repeat try!


Make at least one dish this week that you’ve never made before using fresh, whole ingredients.

Look how vibrant and pretty! Beauty inspires creativity, even in the kitchen.

Here is a salad-combo I made last week that I’ve never tried before. I used spring greens, fresh strawberries, avocado, deli-turkey rolls (I bought the kind with no gluten, msg, etc.), and topped it with freshly sauteed garlic asparagus.  Oh my gosh you guys, this was SO good!

Have a fantastic week!


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. Fantastic Ginger. I feel so fired up! When you wrote:

    If you want to be healthier in mind and body, make the choices to get there. If you don’t make those choices, you have decided on some level that healthy is not as important as whatever you chose to do or eat instead. It’s really that simple.

    I was like AMEN! I often say that to women friends who are trying to make change in their lives but don’t want to do the work – loads of excuses and the continue to complain about the state of their lives. Ummmm…DUH?!??!!? On some level, you are obviously willing to accept your shitty life….LOL!!

    I need to walk the talk when it comes to my own personal health and fitness. It’s a choice. And it’s one I need to make and live every day!! This week, I am rocking it out much better and you are right, I am feeling fired up and inspired! LUV it!

    FANTASTIC post….grrrowwwll!! A good kick in the pants…

  2. Hi, Ginger. I LOVE the Margaret Thatcher quote! That’s what I feel like now – it’s 66 degrees outside, full sun, and I just came in from pruning roses and a huge burning bush. I love it when I’ve accomplished something – writing, cleaning, whatever – but I feel physically good when it has included some fresh air and activity.

    The salad with garlic asparagus looks absolutely yummy – I think it’s going on the menu this week! Thanks for a great post.

    • You and I are alike. I love the feeling of accomplishment, even if it’s just vacuuming up the dog hair, and even better if it involves some sunshine and activity. In fact, if lots of things are undone, they seem to pile up on my psyche somehow and I can’t concentrate of writing, for instance, until I clear some stuff off my plate.

      Let me know how the salad w/ asparagus turns out. It’s been one of my favorites for sure!

  3. That salad looks delish and I just finished chasing after tennis balls so I think I may help myself~
    Great post!

  4. I couldn’t agree more; inspiration is the guiding force behind my creativity to write novels and make all kinds of music. Wonderful post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  5. 100% agree! It was inspiration that lit the fire under my butt to start working out in the first place. Although, I have to say, since I started eating healthy I find I don’t like theater popcorn anymore. I turns my stomach. Maybe that’s just me. I have the same reaction to most everything at the theater. Thank you for these posts girlie! You are keeping me connected.

    • Hi Debra. Yes, I will admit that my tummy isn’t thrilled when I indulge in movie popcorn. Thank goodness we rarely go to the theatre. haha! On that note, I actually have a hard time eating out and I order well, but more often than not, my stomach cries foul! Glad my posts help. Makes me feel good.

  6. I like your post, Ginger. Just getting back to regular workout schedule after being laid up with all that medical crap. Feels great. Body and mind are never separate. I also encourage everyone to eat organic. It’s safer and offers more vitamins.

    • Hi Roy! Glad to hear that you’re getting back to your regular schedule. I hope that means you’re also feeling well. Oh–wonderful point you bring up. Eating organic is so important. Although I’m not signed up at the moment, I have participated in a local CSA, where I get a box of locally grown, organic produce delivered. It’s wonderful and taste so good! I buy as much of my food as possible organic based on availability and price. Does it bug you that it cost so much more to eat what is ‘more’ natural, hence, less messed with. Grrr!!

      • Yes, it’s an outrageous irony. The prices of organic food are high because the small organic farmers have a hard time competing with the big greedy corporations. A major reason I like to support the small organic farmers. And as we both know the price of getting seriously ill due to trace buildups of pesticide residue in the liver over the years is about as high as you can get. One more reason I will gladly pay that extra amount for food that’s made the way nature wanted it to be. Organic is the only way to travel.

  7. Well thank God you’re back. I wondered what happened last Wednesday. I was here, but there was no WriterButt party. (sad face) I did continue my workout regime though, even though there was no Ginger encouragement for me. (I did hear the Ginger-voice in my head.)

    Your salad looks out of this world. I’m going to give that a go. My hubby may even eat that.

    Thanks for the reminders and encouragement again this week. It is so easy to get discouraged when you keep working out then hit that plateau where there’s seemingly no results. That’s when you need to kee forging ahead, but it so hard because it feels like a waste of time.

    And now, I’m off to the gym, then zumba, then home for something yummy and healthy to eat!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Aww….feels so good to be missed. Thanks Patricia. Sorry I went temporarily MIA. Wasn’t intended. Even when this WritersButt series comes to a close, I’ll still dedicate Wednesdays to health and fitness.

      It can be so discouraging to hit plateau, especially doing things that previous brought you results. Not only should you forge ahead, I’d also mix it up. Nothing brings results faster than making your body adapt to a new stressor. When I’m ready for a surge ahead, I immediate default to more weight and moving faster. Works every time!

  8. So, I might blame you for my lack of working out last week. I’m sure it’s because I didn’t have to motivation of the Wednesday Writtersbutt post! Teehee. Seriously, though, you do motivate me. You have helped me get to the gym two days this week so far. And I have been cooking healthy for the past few months. SO, thanks for that.

    • I’m glad I’m a source a motivation. Also great to hear, so thank you! And you know, even if I don’t show up for WB Wed … it’s not like I can’t be ‘found’. haha!! 😉

  9. I heard the Ginger-Voice last week–and listened to it. I also made your turkey meatballs, which my husband described as “little, round, meatloaves.” They were yummy, and I’ll make them again.

    Low impact describes my exercise routine, but I’ve been consistent. Over over the past fourteen months, I’ve logged 1018 miles walking in a nearby park, and over the past ten months, have done 160 workouts at Curves.

    Thanks for the WritersButt posts, Ginger–and for the Ginger-Voice, which sounds a lot like my conscience.

    • Yes, little round meatloaves is exactly right. Glad they turned out and will be made again. Sign of a good recipe!

      You are doing so great Pat. Wow–done a LOT in the last year. Way to go!!

      I’ll keep whispering (something yelling softly) encouragement in your ear! 🙂

  10. Yummy salad! I have to keep telling myself to stay on track, even when it’s really hard. Some days I only get in a mile, but I tell myself that one mile is better then none:) Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Yep, 1 mile is better than none. Like today, I’m sore as heck from my workout on Tuesday. I could easily get some other stuff done this morning instead of working out but no, in my head I know that if I pop over to the gym and get moving, the blood flow will help my soreness and I’ll be in a better mood and it’s just what I know I have to do, even if I don’t feel like it.

      On that note …. 🙂

  11. Hi, Ginger! I’m still here. I think I told you last time that the little movements you got me doing in the house had inspired me to go back to the gym? Well, I went back to my beloved intermediate yoga class this week for the first time in a year! It really felt like coming home. So, thank you! I’ve been working on tweeking my diet too and have discovered shitaki noodles (tofu) in place of pasta. They are awesome, no carbs! Even my kids love them. I’ve finally seen the scale move this week, which is a bonus because I’m really just concentrating on health.

    Water is now a habit, too 🙂 Go, wrtersbutt!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    • Hi Shannon. I’m thrilled I was able to motivate you. Yay … makes me feel great. Awesome on the yoga. I’ve been meaning to try bikram yoga with a friend. I enjoy yoga yet never take the time to do it. I’ll have to check out the shitaki noodles. Sounds great.

      Concentrating on health is the key. If you do that, and do the things that promote it, the body composition and all that other great stuff or fortunate by-products!

      Hope you had a great weekend. I’m off to a great week already. Woo!

  12. Hi Ginger! I am so glad to see that you’re back!

    I can see that this group needs their leader! Good to know that you still get sore. LOL!

    It’s funny. I haven’t been motivated to do anything. Huh? I know. Not good. But I have an excuse.

    I’ve been juicing with Hubby and it’s been kicking my butt. Ah, I’m detoxing. Ruff. So I feel a little better today and it’s beautiful today. So I hope to get a walk in.

    But I’m with Roy. Eat organic. Support organic growers. I know a lot of my health problems stem from pesticides and petrochemicals. I also have chemical sensitivities. And petroleum is at the base of the problem. But I’m optimistic! And I’m squatting!

    Have a great week Ginger! And keep riding our butts! Or is that writing our butts! LOL! 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, yes, I still get sore! I do it to myself and I’ll never stop. Love it.

      Detoxing is not a fun process but the results are always worth it. Hang in there!

      Bought a ton of organic stuff at the store today. YUM! 🙂

  13. What a super encouraging post, Ginger. I love the idea of one-legged potty squats. The very thought makes me smile … which suggests I may be going nuts. I’m going to blame it on those squats. 🙂

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