WritersButt Wednesday—Buddy Up!

Hi Kids!  I’ve been thinking about you all a lot this past week.  I loved the response to last week’s post about creating a powerhouse in yourself and loving YOU in order to honor your dreams and promote your own success.  I’m glad it inspired you.  But, in addition to loving yourself, you have to let others love and support you too.  It’s that age-old buddy system and I say it’s time to Buddy Up!


Where am I going with this?  Ok, well, since you asked …

Many of you who read my blog know that I’ve recently taken an online course on blogging and branding by Kristen Lamb, who wrote the book We Are Not Alone. It’s that concept of TEAM that I’m getting at.  Kristen wrote a fab blog about the true value and beauty of teamwork in the effort to realize your goals and see success.

You can do the same thing with your health and fitness endeavors.  You are not alone. Of course I hope you all know that I’m here for you, but I’m not enough. Yes, it pains me to say so.  But we, as a WritersButt group, need to stick together.  We can hang out on our Facebook Page, or on Twitter (#writersbutt), and that’s awesome.  Also, you can group up in pairs or in small groups to support each other. It’s time to find some peeps to be in your corner with you!

“When he took time to help the man up the mountain, lo, he scaled it himself.” Tibetan Proverb

This is very important because we are often far more accountable to others than we are to ourselves. Take people who join a gym class.  Do they have to join a gym to get into shape? No. (Even as a gym-owner, I still say, no!)  Can they get workouts done on their own? Yes.  But more often than not, they don’t, because no one is relying on them to show up. This is accountability. But, when those same people hook up with a class or group, who are showing up same as they are, now it’s an event not to be missed.  You don’t want to be the person who’s the no-show.  It gives you that little nudge of being there for someone else.  They are relying on you!  Are you going to let them down?

I bet you won’t.


So, I propose that you find either another WritersButt buddy or someone in your ‘real’ life (if there is such a thing—I often question this! ~grin~) and cheer each other on.  Hook up throughout the day/week on Twitter, FB, text, email, … whatever works and check in.  Has your buddy done the mini-workout she said she’d do today?  Have you? Of COURSE you have!  So, let her know. It might motivate her out of the chair during a moment of pure procrastination.  Then when she checks in, cheer her on because I bet you anything, she’ll be cheering you right back!

Let me tell you a secret. Motivating others is the best feeling in the universe! Seriously. Doing for others, helping them, inspiring them and knowing they appreciated it is like an elixir to the soul.  If someone has done that for you, tell them! They will pay it forward and soon, maybe, we can all be appreciative of each other and create this vortex of gratitude and encouragement that will keep us all swirling in the awesomeness of it all!

Be a WritersButt Warrior and Cheerleader for yourself and for others. You won’t regret it!

Before I get to this week’s challenge, I’d like some feedback and what you all like best or would like to get from WritersButt.  I’ve offered my view of incorporating fitness into your daily life and how/why it’s connected and vital to your creativity.  I’ve given you some nutrition information, recipes, workouts, and even some kicks in the pants.  As I move forward, I’m not sure where I should take WritersButt now.  I can make Wednesdays a fitness/recipe sort of day.  I can take questions from you all and answer them on the blog.  I’m open for any suggestions so that it’s a useful and fun place to visit on Wednesday.

Workout Challenge this week:

Free Choice Potty Workouts. Say what?!!  Yes, you get to choose what you do every time to go to the bathroom. Now, I will frown upon the choice of eating cookie for every tinkle!  Be inspired! Get creative and tell me what you’ve decided to do.  Then hook up with a buddy (or me!) and tell me how you did each day.  Yes, I’m asking you to challenge yourself. Set a potty-goal (haha) and then report in.  Post in the comments what you plan to do. You may inspire someone else with your idea!!!

Mini-Workouts to choose from should you be up for the challenge:


3 rounds of:

10-Dumbbell squats/presses **

15-Push ups

**Using a single dumbbell and holding each end with your hands, and standing in a slightly wide stance, squat down, lowering dumbbell between legs and touching it to the floor, (focus on keeping chest up, don’t hunch over!), then stand up and press dumbbell over your head. Repeat.


Outside workout

4 rounds of:

Sprint/run/job/walk as fast as possible for 2 blocks

10 Burpees


3 – 5 rounds of:

30 jumping jacks

20 walking lunges

10 sit ups (full sit ups, not crunches)


Have a fantastic week!  I’ve got my pom-poms out to cheer you all on, and if inspired, I’ll throw in a cartwheel!


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. Hi Ginger, I’m very lucky in that I work with a personal trainer who kicks my butt twice a week. But I do have to motivate myself to get to the gym and do cardio three times a week. This week my trainer wants me to swim, so it’s into the pool for me. Thanks for the great post.

    • Thanks, Rachel. Yep, a personal trainer will do the trick. 😉 My kids do competitive swim in the summer and they’ve been practicing at the rec. It’s made me think I need to give lap-swimmign a try. I’ve never perfected that rhythm-breathing, so even though I’m a strong swimmer, I can’t keep a constant pace.

  2. I like the buddy system. My boss added me to her gym membership in January and together we go (we’re supposed to go) to the gym 3 afternoons a week. We close the office a half hour early and head to the gym for an hour. That’s the concept. Hasn’t been working.

    But, I have been going regularly despite her absence. In her defense, she lives 4 minutes from the gym and can go anytime, which she usually does. I live 45 minutes away and can only go either before (which is really not an option for his so-not-a-morning-person person) or after work before I head back up the hill to home.

    So our buddy system has kind of fallen apart. But, I’ve still been going. And these posts have been encouraging and fun to read. I like being able to report on my efforts each week, even though I’m not seeing any terrific results. (Still waiting on the blood tests to see if there’s been any impact on my faulty thyroid and high choloresterol.)

    My husband told me my thighs are thinner so i guess that’s something. My thighs weren’t really the problem area, but it’s something. I need to lose the muffin top covering the waistband of my jeans. (I know, that means more crunches. Damn!)

    So that’s all my dirty laundry. Keep the encouragement coming.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Good for you for keeping it up despite having to go alone. Self-motivation right there!

      About that Muffin-Top and those Crunches. I have good news and bad news.

      Good news: You don’t have to do more crunches because they won’t do a thing for a muffin top. If fact, I recommend full-range sit-ups for increasing lean muscle in the abdominals but even that won’t cure the muffin top … so, Yay — no more crunches!

      Bad news: Getting rid of that muffin top and showing off the abdominal muscles which are under it will involve nutritional changes.

      A frequent saying of mine:

      You gain muscle in the gym but you lose fat in the kitchen.

      I also enjoy your comments. You motivate ME! 🙂

  3. LOL Patricia! You are so funny. And honest. Love that about you!

    Okay Ginger, I am all over this buddy system thing. As you know, I am a social exerciser! If there eve is such a word. LOL! But seriously, since hubbies surgery, I have blown it with any form of exercise. I just feel so worn out. And he’s feeling worse. Say what? I know and that’s what’s stressing me out! Does it ever let up?

    So team me up with someone. I want to do something. Moving around would be a good thing. I’m looking to you girl to give me the added support, as if you don’t already do that. But you know what I mean. Send me a tweet or something. Thanks Ginger! 🙂

    Oh, and does Kagels count as an exercise when we go potty?

    • Isn’t his follow up coming up? I don’t think it’s good at all that he’s getting worse. I know you agree with me so I hope the doctors will shed some light. Interestingly, my son’s situation, while getting better with his back, is getting worse with his leg. (his sciatic nerve was involved) I talked to one of my rehab guys and he says it’s due to compensation from when the back was compromised and he will have to be diligent and practically obsessive with his rehab conditioning. He game me this link: http://www.performbetter.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/PBOnePieceView?storeId=10151&catalogId=10751&languageId=-1&pagename=78

      If no one else needs a buddy, I’ll be your buddy. We can tweet each other when we do our workouts, etc. I’d love to encourage you. I will cheer every one of your tweets and give you woo-woos and even do a workout dance for you. 🙂


      Oh–and P.S. I did my workout earlier. Was a tough one too! Your turn!

  4. So, takeaway, the rallying cry here is, “Stick your butts together!” 😉

  5. Having a workout buddy is so great! It can get you to the gym in those hard times. Luckily for me I had a workout buddy who used to be a personal trainer. She gave me workouts perfect for my goals and pushed me just like a trainer would. But, then she moved away and I have been left alone at the gym. We started a texting system to keep us motivated. She texts me after she works out in the morning and I text her after I workout in the evening. Having someone to check in with gets me to the gym on those days when I’d rather be on the couch!

    • Yes — that’s exactly it, Emma! Sometimes you workout so that you can send that text. It feels so good! And don’t you love supporting her back? It’s like you always have someone sort of nudging you and cheering you on.

  6. Buddies can be a great way to help with training. But I work out alone. I can beat myself up all by myself real well. Been doing it for years.

    • Hi Roy. I actually work out alone too and have no problem giving myself a smack-down. Haha!! I have to slip into the gym during the day when there isn’t a class going on. And, I’ve always been a pretty good self-motivator. At the same time, I have a good friend (and oly lifting coach) who I work out with on Tuesdays and those days are almost sacred to me. We chat, work our butts off, etc. When I do well on other days with a certain lift or skill she knows I’ve been struggling with, I’ll text her when I’ve had a good day, or vent, as the case may be. Since I don’t do typical workouts, it’s sort of fun knowing she totally ‘gets it’.

      You back 100% yet? I hope so.

      • Blood clots are a slow, pain in the ‘writer’s butt’ process. Blood tests bi-weekly. Warafin for 3 to 6 months. Tricky drug — hate it. When all that’s over — I’ll be ‘officially’ 100 percent. Thanx for asking. Really like your posts.

  7. “You gain muscle in the gym but you lose fat in the kitchen.” Ouch! The truth hurts.

    I can cut sweets and pare down on pasta, but crackers and cheese at six p.m. are my downfall.

    • Sorry Pat! I love cheese and crackers too. And I sometimes have them ~for a treat~. 😉 The trick is finding something else that you’d look forward to at 6 pm. It could be another chill-out food thing. Or maybe it’s an activity .. anything to break the response or craving cheese/crackers at 6.

      You can do it! I have no doubts in you.

  8. My nieghbor is going to yoga with me and we’ve started riding bikes together in the morning (after I walk the dog) but I still feel the need to go to the gym and do weights, which I’ve managed so far to do on my own. Love that saying “You gain muscle in the gym but lose fat in the kitchen!” I’m posting this on my frig.

    As far as pasta goes, I’ve discovered the sharataki noodles and my family loves them (even the kids!) so that’s what we’ve been having on pasta day. No crash afterwards, bonus!

    I’d like to see you post more recipes, I’m always eager to try something new.

    • Hi Shannon. I really need to get back in the habit of riding my bike. I used to love it. My son convinced me to rollerblade with him about a year ago. I had not put them on (yes, I own a pair) in like a decade at least. Cruised down the street like I used to do, 10+ years younger, got going a little fast, tried to show off a smooth move and went FLYING, then landed hard. OUCH. Still have the mark on my elbow from that little escapade. hahaha!

      That saying is a good one to remember. Especially if you’re really trying to lean out a bit. You can skip a workout here and there but get too lenient on your diet and you’ll see the efforts really fast! (I know I do.)

      I really need to look for that pasta at my grocery store. Sounds really good.

      Thanks for the feedback. The recipes really seem popular so I’ll plan for more of them. I appreciate your thoughts.

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