Fashion trends that should stay dead

In the effort to spread some smiles around today, and maybe bring forth a giggle or two, I pulled an image from the vault.  You know the vault, right? The place where old pictures are locked away so that they may never again see the light of day.  Well, I think there are times to unlock the vault and revisit a time gone by, just for the sheer shock value.

Here’s a shot of some friends and me before we headed off for a night of fun. I’m sure we were off to Tijuana but that subject is for a whole ‘other’ blog post.

I know, you need a moment to take it in. I’ll wait.

Ok, try and pull your eyes away from the hair. Yes, I know it’s hard, but try. I ask you, what in the world?  You guys, we worked hard for that volume, that height.  You gotta commit to a lot of hair spray for this look. Thank goodness none of us caught on fire!

I loved the 80’s.  I’m a full-product of the 80’s and yet, I can say there are some things better left behind. This got me thinking about today’s hot looks.  What about them will make us cringe in a decade or two?  I’d like to believe the boys will be embarrassed over showing off their underwear to the world. I’m embarrassed for them now!

Here’s a look my daughter rocked out to school this past week.  I think she’s adorable (duh!) and I’m proud that she’s confident enough to own her own style.

How we dress and style ourselves is such an expression of who we are. It also says a lot about our lifestyle as well.  Unlike my younger self, where I spent a lot of time on my hair and makeup, these days, my get-ready routine involves a super-fast shower, quick minimal makeup (if I’m wearing any that day) and a bare-minimum hairstyle. Normally, I can be found dressed in workout clothes.  I spend a lot of time at our gym and outside of that, doing my normal mom/writer/homemaker routine. My ‘dress-up’ is usually jeans or shorts and t-shirts or tanks. Some of them funky or fun so I feel girly. 🙂

Am I a different person than I was before? Yes and No.  Yes, I’m older and I have different priorities. And no, I’m still the same Ginger deep inside who has learned to feel comfortable in her own skin has way better things to do than spend much time on coiffing.  When we’re young, there is a tendency to have so many insecurities or worries about what other people think of us, that we package ourselves up in a way we feel will be accepted and popular.

When we’re older, and perhaps have learned to place more importance on how we feel about ourselves instead of other people’s opinions of us, that we can ditch some of the trappings and façade to just showcase the real us!  I should note that I feel getting all glammed-out from time to time for special occasions is very fun. The fact that it’s not an everyday thing is what makes it enjoyable for me … kind of like playing dress up.

It’s fascinating how trends make the rounds.  There are lots of things in the stores today that give a fun nod to the 80’s.  Woo!  I also love some of the 70’s inspired t-shirts and I love funky knee-highs which make me think of Punky Brewster. So far I haven’t seen the big-hair comeback and that’s a good thing. No one needs to inhale that much hair spray.

So tell me, what trends from the past do you hope make a comeback?  Or, what do you hope to lock into the vault forever?


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. Coleen Patrick

    Thanks for sharing a photo from the vault–love the hair. I don’t mind pulling out my old photos–they always give me a good laugh, but I don’t want acid washed jeans to make a comeback!

    • I found a ton of old photos when we cleaned out our garage. I think I’ll have plenty of “From the Vault” blogs I can do. heehee! You are SO right, acid washed jeans need to stay in the past. Do you remember how they had to be skin tight. Yes, I admit to laying on my bed, hooking metal hanger into zipper and zipping those babies up. I couldn’t breathe but damn, I looked good, or so I thought!

  2. Oh, don’t be so quick about the hairspray. I just spent the weekend south of the Mason-Dixon line where clearly they still buy (and use) White Rain by the casefull. The 80’s haven’t died everywhere.

    • Haha! Very true. I spend my summers in East Tennessee and when we make it into Pigeon Forge, there is some serious hairspray violators! Here in my hometown in TX too, come to think of it. Maybe I need to hand out some friendly citations. You know, for their own good! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  3. That picture is priceless. I remember the big hair and shoulder pads. I thought that the capri pants with the wide legs made everyone’s look like tree trunks since they hit mid calf. I hope they aren’t still making them….

  4. haha – this is great! My daughter has her own style and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. In fact, if someone else sports the same look she’s instantly turned off by it. I was a little young for the big hair trend – but I definitely remember hoop earrings and silk blouses being popular 😉

    • The big hoops are still in style. Did you save some? Your daughter sounds great and a lot like mine. Doesn’t mind making a statement! I’m praying my daughter retains this as she enters middle school next year where all the body image and wearing what’s popular and name-brand becomes a rocky terrain to navigate.

  5. Oh goodness. I have pictures like that. What were we thinking? My daughter also likes to own her own style. It’s priceless. I don’t know that I have held as much confidence as she does.

    Susie – those shoulder pads were nasty! LOL So many bad fashions from the 80’s.

  6. The great thing is, when you look at old photos, you suddenly remember how cool you thought you were back then. Now that is a frightening thought. No, I will never show you any pictures from the 60s. Noooo, not even under torture….. ahhhhh

    • I know, right! I remember working very hard to get that main of hair as large as I could get it. Now come’on Prudence … we need to see your 60’s pics. Pretty please!!???

  7. Ginger, you are one brave woman. I do my level best to never, ever, under any circumstances look at those cringe-worthy pix! But one of my brothers was married in the early 80s and I was in the wedding, so you know what that means……Big Hair Forever in the wedding pictures proudly displayed in his home. yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi

    • I love it. You’ll go down wit your big hair on public display! Seriously laughing. I don’t mind looking back on this stuff, even though my husband did comment that he can’t believe I posted that pic. The fact that it’s so shocking means I must have evolved nicely. 🙂

  8. Girl, I DIG big hair. I can’t help it. I love it. Wish it’d come back although it cost a fortune in hairspray. LOL! But I think it rocks. And tight jeans – OMG – luv tight jeans even though I don’t have the body for them. Oh and the MULLET – not an insane mullet but a nice bit of hair down the back….YUM!
    I know…I am sick and demented. LOL!!!
    GREAT pic and FAB post!

    • You had me until the mullet. No one carries that off, Natalie. Come on!!

      So now we have skinny jeans which really should be reserved for those who are SKINNY and not just ‘small’. I wear a small size but I’m muscular and I can not rock the skinny jean look. I’ve tried. I look ridiculous.

      Thanks for the comment. You always make me smile.

  9. I confess, I agree with Natalie. I envy women with lots of hair. Maybe because mine is so straight and fine.

    Let me guess, you are the one in the white blouse and black skirt . . .

    • You guessed right. Check out my chubby cheeks! hee hee

      I still have a crazy ton of hair and it sometimes has a mind of its own. It has thinned out over the years and the grays seems to be super-multypling. *sigh* Ah well, it is what it is. Thanks for swinging by. 🙂

  10. Yep Alicia, I think our girl Ginger is second from the left! Good grief Ginger, I remember the hair. LOL! But mine was shorter, but I still used lots of hairspray. Glad we’ve been released from that nightmare. Well except for the few photos that haven’t been destroyed. 🙂

    BTW, going for a walk today!

    • Yep, that’s me! I destroyed some photos that I found. There are just some things that HAVE to be killed and buried.

      How was the walk? I loved your 3 things of beauty that you commented on. Did hubby go with you? How’s he feeling? I like to be updated! 🙂

  11. Oh this is wicked good! I want to run through everyone’s ’80s vault. Not sure what is funnier–the hair or the crop top. I used to love crop tops back in my rocking a flat stomach days. Heh. Great post, Ginger!

    • Thanks, Barbara! Glad you stopped by. Oh, you noticed the crop top? hahahaha!! Shaking my head! The thing about crop tops, even a rock hard flat stomach has no business in a crop top. It’s just not a look to embrace, unless you’re working out and even then, I think you have to put it up for a vote with your closest friends on your FB wall. *wink*

  12. shoulder pads – oh yeah, I remember those. I had short hair in the 80’s so big hair wasn’t possible. but my daughters???? the youngest in particular had big, big hair. thanks for the memories

    • Hi Louise. Always great to see you. Yep, I rocked me some shoulder pads. It was cringe-worthy! In fact I think I recall a particularly ugly picture with the biggest shoulder pads. I’ll have to share that in another ‘from the vault’ post.

  13. When I was your daughter’s age, the fashion at my school was wearing t-shirts that literally were big and long enough they could have been dresses. The girls all wore shorts underneath, but you couldn’t see them. That particular style deserves to stay in the vault!

    • I totally agree. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, I remember those big shirts worn over bike shorts. (we called them bike shorts anyway) Yes, I had numerous pairs, edged in lace, funky patterns, I wore them with matching shirts, matching scrunch socks and keds. I needed an intervention.

  14. I don’t miss eighties hair but kinda miss shoulder pads. They threw us out of proportion, true, but our waists looked small compared to our linebacker shoulders.

    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Ginger.

  15. Lock away in the vault forever: Banana clips and shoulder pads.

    Great post. Your daughter is adorable!!

  16. Geez, you guys are all too young! What about giant bell bottoms and polyester tops??? And what I was a little too young to wear, but cringe when I see it come around again, are wide hair bands and a-line tops that even the most slender person seem pregnant. Yeah, 80s can stay in the vault, but only after the 60s and 70s are already in there!

    Thanks for the giggle, and I LOVE your daughter’s pic!

  17. Shoulder pads. Yes. Vault. Those mid-calf wide capri pants Susie mentioned? Could. Not. Make. Myself. Buy. Them. I have “healthy” calf muscles and need to prove there is relief in the stumps below the knee.

    Big hair? I SO had hair envy. My hair was too fine to tease into high princess submission.

    Early in my business career, I wore dark business suits, with shoulder pads and skirts rather than pants. For important meetings, add a starched white shirt and scarf. It was a futile attempt to show the “suits” we were a force worth considering. What did I get for my efforts? Clients used to refer to women as the “skirts” on business trips.

    Mini-skirts — so mini, I had friends who wore lacy panties on top of their pantyhose so they’d look “fetching” when bending over. Okay. I admit. I tried it myself with the egregiously short ones.

    I really DO love the freestyle look girls adopt these days. Especially mix-not-match socks. Oh, how I wish I could get away with wearing them without being called addled. Great post and beautiful daughter!

    • “…relief in the stumps …. ” Hilarious!

      Hey, you should try those extensions they are selling now, and maybe some feathers. You could have your big hair days yet.

      Oh, yes, the ‘skirts’. So terrible and even though I do believe it is better these days, I fear it’s not yet ‘equal’ and probably never will be.

      Mini-Skirts!! Oh my gosh, did I wear minis. I’ll have to hunt down some of those photos and ‘maybe’ I’ll share them. I think you should mix up your socks and act like nothing is out of the ordinary. I bet you feel like you’re walking on air all day!

      Thank you for your compliment on my daughter. She’s only 11 but is starting to really come into your beauty as she lives ‘little girlhood’ behind.

  18. LOL!

    Thank God for straighteners. I had hair like Farrah Fawcett. I never looked like her of course and she was a LOT older (ahem), but my hair naturally went that way. My hairdresser loved it and my friends were jealous. I hated it because I wanted long, sleek and shiny hair.

    Can I say I LOVE your daughter? Isn’t it great that she can express herself like that? Tell her from me she has great legs.

    • Don’t we always want what we don’t have? I bet your hair was/is beautiful wavy and straight. Wavy hair as the advantage of being able to be worn so many different ways. That’s me too. I can go straight or curly depending on how I style it, how it’s cut and how humid it is outside. 🙂

      Of course you may say that. Thank you! I will tell her! She’ll get such a kick out of that. I’m saying my prayers that she retains this confident self-expression next year as she enters middle school. That’s when things can start to get dicey!

  19. ROFL! Ginger, that top photo is PRICELESS. I’m sure most of us have similar shots stashed away…unless we’ve trashed or burned them. 😉 FYI, you and your friends look adorable. Glad YOU didn’t get rid of the photographic evidence.

    I’m glad perms are out and that black always stays in. I’m also glad big hair isn’t a major trend nowadays, as my hair would require electric shock. Great post!

    • Oh, I’m so glad perms are out too. I’ve had a few. Never the best option for the health of my hair. You have that sleek, shiny wall of blond that I’m sure so many people will kill for! Remember the people who would iron their hair.

      This was so much fun I’m going to have to look for more fun in the vault.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Do you think a few years from now our kids will look at their pictures (and there will be thousands of them!) and say “what was I thinking?”? 🙂
    I’m glad I have no pictures from high school *shudders*

    • Yes, I do think so. What’s sad is that I don’t have a zillion packages of prints like I used to. The majority of our pictures in the last many years are on different hard drives. I’m determined to figure out a way (and the time!) to save them all in a place in which I can access them and have them organized. I fear I’ve lost so many.

      You have NO pictures from high school? That can’t be true.

  21. Nope. Sorry. I can’t tear my eyes from the hair!

  22. Hey! Is that me on the right? Man oh man I loved the 80’s. I had the big hair (it was pink, black, white, and probably another color, but I forget!)

    Bell bottoms need to stay dead. Forever. Those pants on the ground, yeah those can go away and never ever come back.

    I love this post! Now I’m going to put on some Depeche and then some Cure and maybe a little Social D and rock out! Oh, and then some Vandals. Gotta have O.C. skate punk.

  23. This is great. Adding you to my weekly nostalgia Linky tomorrow (every Tues) which is about 80s hairstyle The Mullet this week!!! Hope you don’t mind…

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