What’s in your name that’s FABULOUS?



May is nearly over and like every other May I can remember since having children, it’s been crazy and just shy of out of control. We’ve taken a family poll and by vast majority vote, this has been the fastest school year in the history of the universe. We do not exaggerate. I find as the school year races to the finish line, our lives sort of spin out of control, or at least mine does. Too much to do resulting in too much set aside for later. All those things I’m setting aside, well, they’ve piled up and are now hovering over my head threatening to bury me.

I started to sort the piles of accumulated tasks and ran across the homemade Mother’s Day card my daughter made for me.  In that moment of feeling totally overwhelmed and defeated, I was reminded of what someone else thinks of me.  It was a moment of clarity that I needed to take stock, regroup and prepare to move forward minus the frantic crankiness.

The fact that I have an abundance of activities in my life is proof we’re living a full life, a life full of blessings. It’s time to hit the reset button and get back to basics.

Breathing.  Thanking.  Loving.  Laughing.  Praying.  Being.

Let me share her card with you so you can see why it put a huge smile on my face and was just the hug I needed on this overwhelming Monday.

I LOVE this back page and I’m totally not going to bust her on her little spelling error.

This got me thinking.  Maybe you all need this sort of pick me up.  For fun, let’s all write out our names with a positive attribute for each letter.  Notice I said POSITIVE … no negative, self-hating, insults allowed.  Be kind to yourself. Love yourself.

Every letter in your name is something else wonderful about you.  Prove it!

Even though I adore my daughter’s version, I’ll do one for myself since I want to play too.

G – Grateful

I – Intense

N – Ninja (just let me use Ninja—it’s special to me!)

G – Genuine

E – Expressive

R – Resilient


Ok, now it’s your turn.  I can’t wait to see all those beautiful letters spelling out your wonderful, fabulous selves in my comments!!


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. The letters in my name proved a bit of a challenge, but here’s my try 🙂

    M – merry
    A – adorable (at least my husband says so 😉 )
    R – resilient
    C – curious
    Y – yare (it means agile, lively, and prepared)

  2. You can totally use Ninja because you so are a ninja…

    Let’s see ~

    T – Trustworthy
    A – Adventurous
    M – Mischievous
    E – Engaging
    R – Romantic
    I – Inquisitive

    That was fun!

    • I’m totally owning the Ninja-thing. 🙂

      First, you have such a beautiful and unique name, that it exudes it’s own cool vibe. Also, really love mischievous. I am too!

  3. Once again my long first, name and different spelling tested my limits!

    J – jolly
    U – unique
    D – diligent
    Y – yappy
    T – thinker
    H – happy
    E – easy (not that way—I’ve learned to go with the flow w/o having to be the rudder. LOL)

    Coulda used a G so I could be grateful. Next time I’ll borrow one of yours.

    Nice blog topic.

  4. I wish I had a shorter name. Here goes:

    P – patient
    A – always silly
    T – truthful
    R – resilient
    I – intelligent
    C – caring
    I – individual
    A – active

    Whew. Good exercise, Ginger.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Ah, the extra challenge of the long name! I’m not the least bit surprised that you rose to the occasion. I admire your ‘patient’ because I don’t think I could honestly claim that one, but I’m working on it.

  5. Jessica O'Neal

    This was not easy, but I was determined to give it a go. Fun post, Ginger!

    J – Joker (in a fun, non-creepy-Batman-villain way)
    E – Eccentric
    S – Smart
    S – Steadfast
    I – Inquisitive
    C – Caring
    A – Accepting

  6. This is fun! Let me see…
    F – fabulous (manly fabulous, but fabulous still 🙂 or friendly
    A – author (very important!)
    B – brainy
    I – idealistic (well, I think it’s a positive)
    O – open-minded

    Hey, there’s no H, so I can’t be humble…
    Wow, that was harder than I thought It’d be.
    Great fun, Gi(ninja)ger!

  7. What a wonderful Mother’s Day card your daughter made for you, Ginger. Also, you completely deserve “ninja.” Okay, here’s my name. (Bwahaha, Jansen/Patricia, some of us go by Pat.)


    I may have misused accountable, but I’m going with it. And hi to my Houston pal, Judythe!

    • Look at Miss lucky 3-letter Pat!! It totally goes with your comments which are always succinct and to the point, so unlike mine!

      Do you know Judythe? How fun!

  8. What a super-special card! And you are totally SuperMom. The rest of us just aspire. LOL! Re: my name, first I have to say I LOVE my name because it means, “Victorious army, victorious people. A girl who succeeds at all she does.” (That’s verbatim from a baby name book.) How powerful is that! Here’s my version:
    N – nifty
    I – inquisitive
    C – cool chick
    O – olly olly oxen free! (ie, playful *g*)
    L – loving
    E – extraordinary

    • Hi Nicole. Yes, Miss D makes the best cards! Aren’t you just so lucky with the meaning of your name. Mine is a spice, but I do try to ‘own’ that one as best as I can. *wink*

      Great words! Giggling at your ‘O’ and love your ‘E’. 🙂

  9. I like that card in every way! This post put a huge grin on my face.
    I’d love to play!
    E – energetic
    L – loving
    L – laughing
    I – impressed by Ginger’s great blog writing
    E – Emphatic

    • Thanks, Ellie. She’s a sweet and sassy daughter. I’m so glad you played. I must say, I’m particularly in love with your ‘I’. You’re so sweet. You paint a wonderful person that anyone would want to know and befriend.

  10. Karen McFarland

    First, I just have to say what a beautiful heart your daughter has! Is this the same one that donated her hair? Love her. Thanks for sharing her thoughts. Great post Ginger!

    Ah, now what would my name stand for? Hmm.


    Okay. That was harder than you would think. The letters of my name are not easy to work with. Thanks Mom and Dad. Whew! What can you come up with Ginger? LOL! 🙂

    • Yep, Karen. Same daughter. The only one I have. She’s my baby at 11 to her 2 teenage brothers (14 and 16).

      Man, I don’t know that I could do better than how you did with your name. It is hard.

      Off the top of my head: Exceptional, empathetic, awesomesauce, amazing 🙂

  11. As a kid I never liked playing any game with my name because I always ended up with either egg or elephant. Emma was not a common name. 🙂 But I’ll try it now.

    E- excited
    M- moving
    M- Miami
    A- adventurous

    Hmm, I think I was going with a theme! Thanks, that was fun!

  12. Shannon Esposito

    What a great card! I started taking pictures of my kids’ artwork instead of trying to keep it all, they just pour their little souls into it, don’t they?

    Okay now to the name game…yikes, lots of N’s

    S- soft-hearted
    H- Hopeful
    A- Artsy
    N- Novelist (thanks, Karen!)
    N- Nature-lover
    O- Open
    N- Nerdy (I don’t consider my love of science a negative thing, so I didn’t break the rule…hehe)

    Great post, Ginja 🙂

    • Shannon, that’s a fabulous idea. I’m buried in ‘stuff’ and I think I’m going to start taking pictures of it and saving them to a thumb drive, one for each child. I’m totally going to use Ginja! Priceless!

  13. Reetta Raitanen

    What a wonderful Mother’s Day card. I got my first hand made ones this year too 🙂 They’re the best.

    Here are my letters. A fun game.

    R – Rubenesque
    E – Easy going
    E – Eccentric
    T – Thoughtful
    T – Twin Mom
    A – Adaptable

  14. So cute! What a great girl.

    A – Avuncular
    M – Motherly (even before I was a mom)
    B – I don’t know which is worse, but brilliant and buxom were the two words that popped up first. Ha!
    E – Empathetic
    R – Reasonable

  15. Delightful concept, Ginger.
    R — rude
    O — obnoxious
    Y — yeah, why not

  16. Delaney is adorable!!!!!!

    M- magnetic
    O- open (open book and open minded)
    L- loving
    L- lucky
    Y- yackalicious 😉

  17. lynnkelleyauthor

    I don’t miss those crazy end-of-school-year times at all! That’s the sweetest card your daughter made for you. That says a lot about the great job you’re doing as a mom.

    L – laughter
    y – yippee
    n – nice
    n – nutty (haha!)

  18. Oh, my lord! Ginger, that makes me weepy just looking at it! I’m actually rushing out the door this minute to a school thing, so no poem for me, alas! xoxo

    • Erica, I think we’re cut from the cloth. Noticed on Twitter yesterday that you’re child does band. My son does orchestra (viola) and so will my daughter who’s heading to 6th grade (cello). We are somewhat parallel lives. Pass the tissue!! Oh, and this morning at 8th grade graduation, our son won all these awards we had no clue about. *cue tears!!!*

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