WritersButt Wednesday-Taking my own advice

Happy WritersButt Wednesday!

I’ve thought about this WritersButt journey a lot this past week. I started this weekly theme back in January with my first WritersButt post. Now, 6 months later, we’ve come a lot way. I have ‘met’ so many people online through these posts and made some great friends. I also realized that with the announcement that I’d be presenting WritersButt at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in October, that I’ve gotten quite a few new people to my blog who are just now jumping on the WritersButt fun-train.  I thought it might be helpful if I offered up all the previous WB links in order, in case anyone would like to refresh their memories or if you’re new, see how we started. There is a lot of great information packed in those first couple months. I’ll list all the links at the end of this post.

Lately I’ve been crazy busy in my life. Nothing catastrophic or even hugely momentous, just a lot of stuff on the various plates I’m juggling. Guess what happened? My workouts slipped through the cracks a bit. Sure I’ve worked out, but a couple times a week instead of at least four. I slashed them in half as I ran around getting my kids to all their annual appointments and all the other little errands penciled into my calendar.  At first, the lighter workout load was great. My body enjoyed the extra recovery time. But then, this past week, I started getting cranky.  Ok … crankier!


For me, I have to be active and working out in order to be at my best. But I was busy. Then I heard your voices. Yes, I really did! You asked me, “Ginger, aren’t you teaching us how we can incorporate our workouts into our busy schedules?”


I wasn’t following my own guidance. What the heck? There has been many days that I didn’t want to spend the 30-60 minutes to run over to my gym and get in a full workout. But I KNOW I don’t need to do that to get my heart rate up, make progress and boost my creativity. That’s what I’ve been telling you all since January.

It was time to get back to the basics.

*100 oz of water a day

*10-15 squats and/or push-ups every potty break

*1-2 mini-workouts a day – quickies I can do right here at home.

*Gratitude journal

I’m telling you all this to remind you that it’s so easy to let life come in and take away your plans. But you are in charge! Just work your plans around your day. It can be done because nothing I’ve suggested takes more than about 10-15 … usually less than 5. I will still get 2-4 full workouts in a week but if I have to miss some, I don’t need to panic because I have WritersButt to back me up – no pun intended!

If I don’t at least do the WritersButt basics, I feel tired, cranky, unmotivated, creatively sluggish and I crave all the wrong foods.

To heck with that!

I’m back on track. I have writing goals, which include writing 1 thousand words a day.  (Come hang out with us on Twitter at #1kwaday) I have a WritersButt workshop to organize so that it’s awesome and fun — and I hope has some cool SWAG! I don’t have time to be irritable and uninspired. And you all sure as heck won’t want to hang out with me.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed and scattered. You are not alone. I empathize.  But I’m over that. Join me in getting back on track and forging ahead with our WritersButts in high gear!

Since I know y’all love recipes, here’s what was grilled for dinner the other night at Casa Calem.

Beef Sliders — preformed, I added seasonings

Turkey burgers w/ mushrooms and bell peppers:  1 pkg of lean turkey breast meat, 2 eggs, generous handfuls of diced bell pepper and portabello mushrooms, kosher salt, cracked pepper, minced crunchy garlic, smoked paprika

Grilled Veggies: Fresh zucchini and summer squash from a friends garden, mushrooms coated in olive oil, and all the same seasoning from the turkey burgers above.

Cucumber Salad: Fresh cucumbers from a a friend’s garden, sliced into disks, coated in balsamic vinegar, and same seasoning as above. 🙂 (I did this first and put it into the fridge to stay really cold and absorb flavors of seasonings.)

WritersButt Links:

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WritersButt Goes International (Woo hoo!)

Thank you and a Field Trip

Wow—that’s a lot of WritersButt posts. Thanks so much for supporting me. I hope to continue to offer tips, motivation, recipes and fun!


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. Perfect timing for this.
    I’m also feeling totally overwhelmed by life and my workouts have slipped…A LOT.
    I have a theory on this..but…I do need to get back on track.
    I’m with ya, sista!

    • Kind of glad I’m not alone. It helps to know that I can get back on track with someone else. I don’t know why life gets so overwhelming. I feel like I’m creating the chaos but haven’t figured out how, or how to control it. Oy — one day at a time.

  2. Shannon Esposito

    Your enthusiasm is so contageous! I’m bookmarking this post so when I’m able to I’m starting over from week 1. (Still struggling with bulging disks, have nerve block in a few weeks, hopefully will be able to participate in my life again…ugg)

    • Gosh, you’ve suffered a long time with that back. My son has been going through a big disk ordeal as well. No fun at all. I hope the nerve block works. You need to participate in life! When the time comes, let me know if I can help in any way.

  3. Uh, I’m afraid your post got the wrong reaction from me at first, Ginger. It made me hungry. Then I realized I’ve been going so full-tilt all day that I never ate lunch! Not good. Thanks for the reminder to make taking care of ourselves a priority. I also skipped my noon Zumba class, and I hereby vow that I WILL go to the one at 7:30 tonight instead! Because I too get cranky and sluggish when I don’t get enough exercise, not to mention the growing writer’s butt. Great post!

    • No skipping meals! I say this with an exclamation point because I do this all the time. Not good! I hope you’ve grabbed a healthy bite to eat so you have energy for your Zumba tonight! I tried Zumba with a friend in Portland a while ago … very fun! Looking forward to having you ‘in-house’ tomorrow.

  4. We’re back to the bathroom training. It always comes back to that.

    Just so you know, it is virtually impossible to do any of those bathroom exercises in the area designated as “bathroom” in your stateroom on any cruise ship. I know. I tried. On my first squat, my knees ended up wedged under the sink and my back was plastered against the back of the shower stall. It was not a pretty sight. Needless to say, the bathroom workout regime was not adhered to on the cruise. I did, however, climb to the top of the Coba Mayan ruins in Mexico and paddle my way through an underground cave in Belize. I also drove my own ATV through the jungle and on the beach in Roratan and swam vigorously in the Caribbean Sea whilst in Grand Cayaman. I recommend those activities over trying to do any type of bathroom workout while on a cruise.

    As far as water consumption, let’s just say there was some drinking taking place on a daily basis. Every drink had ice. Ice is water. In order to have 100 ounces of water, I needed to consume quite a few iced beverages. Not sure I met my quota, but I gave it a good go.

    Good luck with all of your summer craziness. You are not alone in that arena.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Haha Patricia, you kill me! I can’t believe you couldn’t figure out the potty squats. Come on … where’s your determination? 😉 Ok, you get massive ‘field trip points’ for all the fun activities you did. And — why did you not take me with you on this trip? Geesh! I thought we were tight!

      I hope to see some blogs about your trip ASAP. Sounds amazing and welcome home!

  5. Hey, Ginger, does a good belly laugh at Jansen’s description of exercising in a cruise ship bathroom count as exercise? And I like her approach to getting enough water also. More ice cubes please, bartender, and a little vodka and OJ to keep them company.

    Yes, I had a snack, Mom, and I’m about to go change into my workout clothes. See ya tomorrow!

  6. Loved this, Ginger! It’s reassuring to know that even Xena has to recoup sometimes 🙂 I can vouch for little workouts working. Every night after I brush my teeth I do 50 wall pushups. Some of my vestigal muscle is returning!

    • Xena! hahahaha!!! Keep up the great work on those push-ups. Once those get easier, do them on the counter or edge of tub, gradually working down to the floor on your knees and then eventually, regulation. Go girl!

  7. Good to hear you’re back on track, Ginger. Also want to mention that those potty squats are also good for the knees. Since my last tumble down the stairs, I’ve been fighting a sore knee. My chiropractor said I needed to do those squats to strengthen the leg muscles to improve the tracking of my knee. So instead of the potty squats, he has me putting a pillow between my legs to keep the leg weight balanced, then I’m doing the squats.

    • Yes, Sheila, they are good for the knees and I’m glad you mention that because so many people think the opposite. We have to use the muscles and joints that we have (and use them correctly!) in order to keep them strong and in good working order. If people lose the ability to squat, how will they get out of a chair or, you know … the toilet? Squatting can literally mean independence!

  8. Karen McFarland

    Ginger, you are so humble ratting out on yourself. I love that about you. As you work with us, motivate us, you put yourself in the same category, working alongside with each one of us. You are a do as I say and do as I do kinda girl. I’m working on those potty squats Ginger. And now because my hubby is worse, I am walking by myself. I take my iPod and listen to tunes while I’m walking. I’m hoping to work into the Elliptical. I’ve had to start all over again. I hate that. But I love our little group on Twitter. #1kwaday! Keep it up! 🙂

  9. Hi Ginger. This is great timing for me too! I’m new around here, via the Surrey conference. Have been doing your bathroom squats for a week, and today when for a run (er, shuffle). Thanks for inspiring me to get off my butt 🙂

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