What’s at your fingertips in bed?

Now I bet you all jumped to all sorts of images and wild conclusions based on the title of this post. Puleeze, people! I’m talking about what’s on your nightstand. Get your mind out from between the sheets. That’s for a totally different blog post, probably not written by me.

I think what is on a person’s nightstand says a lot about them. Even the tiny details or bits of clutter reveal fascinating tidbits. In the effort of full disclosure and honesty, I’ll show you a few nightstands in our house, starting with my own.

First you might notice that this is a TV table. I don’t even have a nightstand. I’ve wanted to get matching nightstands for our master room for over a decade. All in good time! So, in the ‘meantime’, I’m using this TV tray and will likely soak my dentures on it next to my clap-on-clap-off lamp I’ll eventually have when I’m 112 years old.

Items on my table:

Of course there is a stack of books.  My water bottle, which is pretty much never out or arm’s reach. A couple pair of reading glasses because even though I’m not 112, I am 42 and sometimes I need a little boost for the peepers. A little notebook and various writing utensils for bouts of inspiration. I see a green therapy band. I have this here to remind me to do my shoulder exercises. This has never worked. I have some tissue because I have allergies. I see a time-improvement ribbon from one of my kids’ swim meets. Not sure why that’s there. I also see that I have my fingerless, cashmere gloves w/ the darling vintage buttons here. You know, it may be 108 degrees in Texas right now, but hey, the weather can turn on a dime! Honestly, these should be put away but I love them. They remind me of a fantastic writing week with my besties, so they can stay there. Oh, there are two cords that always stay there, one for my kindle and the other for my phone.

Books in my stack:

Since most of you who read my blog, (all 8 of you) are writers, I know you want to see which books sleep next to me at night.  I’ve read all of these books, some multiple times, except the one my son keeps pestering to me to read. It’s probably time to move these to the book shelf so I can start a new stack. Although, some of them will make their way back to my nightstand eventually. From top to bottom, with links because I’m helpful that way:

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Break Into Fiction by Mary Buckham and Diana Love

Save the Cat and Save the Cat Strikes Back by Blake Snyder

Deadly Farce by Jennifer McAndrews

Dark Life by Kat Falls (son’s book)

Tangled by Erica O’Rourke

What does my nightstand tell you about me? I’d like to think it shows I’m prepared for an allergy attack and writing inspiration, am well hydrated, am sentimental, don’t get hung up on details like having to have a ‘perfectly’ decorated room and that I have amazing taste in books!

Here’s a photo of my husband’s nightstand, a real nightstand that is actually part of a bedroom set from my parents who divorced about 34 years ago. You see why matching nightstands are on my wish list?

His stuff is mainly little things the kids have made, a cup of coins, a book our son wants him to read (he’s big on having us read the books he loves), letter opener, leatherman knife thingy. Mainly though, it’s those 2 cords, one for his phone and the other for his iPad. What this tells me is that he clearly needs a picture of me at his bedside? What the heck?

And here’s a peek at my 11 year old daughter’s bedside table.

In the back is a copy of the school newspaper in which she was a contributor, various water sources, pens and paper, (a girl can’t live without a feather bird pen, it’s a rule!), clock and iPod docking thingy, CDs and her CD/Karaoke player. Does this tell you anything about Delaney?

I’d show you my two teenage sons’ bedside collection but honestly, let’s not go there. That would be way over-sharing and uber-embarrassing. Their rooms … ~shudder~

What do you think? Do you think our nightstands tell you anything about us? What does yours say about you?  Share with me in the comments what you have at arm’s reach while you’re in bed. (Keep it clean—Family blog!)  ~grin~



About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. Great post, Ginger. I love that your reading fervor shines through via your nightstand. 🙂
    Mine holds books, magazines, a lamp, a photo and loads of pens and notepads. I suppose this shows that sleep isn’t my favorite or most frequent nighttime activity—ha. Working on that!

    • You know, when I finally get a real nightstand, I’m going to get a lamp too. Do you actually write at night? I normally don’t. I do wake up with thoughts but I’m bad about sitting up and getting them on paper before I forget them.

  2. oh. um. I have a proper nightstand – yay! – so there’s not much on it: clock-radio, white noise machine, moisturizing lotion, enamel moose-shaped trinket box. what this says about me: owner of cats, wise enough not to place tempting objects in paw’s reach.

  3. What a fun post and great little sneak peek into your life. On my nightstand? A clock, lamp, photos of my kids, pic of Hubs, journal, and at night I charge my iPhone and iPad on it. All my books and other cruft are in my office across the hall. I try to keep my nightstand clear so if I wake up in the middle of the night I stay calm and not stress about all the stuff I still need to do. I’m a terrible sleeper, so anything that helps keep me asleep is a good thing.

    • You’re smart to have your stuff in your office. We have our desk in our bedroom and I won’t even photograph that clutter. It’s no wonder I can’t get anything done. I’m going to have a picture on my table when I get a nice one!

  4. Sandra Fraser Brougher

    I have stacks of books on mine, which I just looked at and are all nutritional based (big surprise). There is a copy of the shades of gray or whatever it is called that someone gave me months ago but has not been opened. I have two antique vases (another big surprise) that make me smile and 4 framed photos of those I love. Over all, I must say my nightstand is probably the neatest place in the whole house.

  5. So fun, my nightstand looks like yours- water, books, pens, box of tissue.

  6. I have so many magazines that I need a wheel barrow to throw them in and wheel out to recycle. I also have several books. My Fifi (stuffed dog I got when I was born) was there until a couple of days ago until I cleared it off to take photos for my flash fiction blog!
    Our dressers don’t match either. We have two antique dressers. One with a diamond dust mirror I swear is haunted!
    Fun post! I thought it was naughty after the Facebook alert from CC! Hahaha!

    • I used to love to read magazines. Then they finally just piled up unread so I let all my subscriptions expire. Adore that you have Fifi with you. How cute!! You know, our nightstands wouldn’t have to match actually. I’m not very matchy. I’d love a couple of funky pieces of furniture that served the purpose of holding our stuff and also had a bit of our personality in them. Maybe I’ll start hunting antique stores with this in mind.

      *Now, would I write a naughty blog post? Really!!

  7. Shannon Esposito

    OOOO…I would say you are a smart, down to earth family with an equal love for both electronics and paper books! Oh, and well-hydrated, of course. 🙂

    Okay, I’m going to be totally honest here. Don’t. Laugh. (You may giggle softly) Here goes: A large basket of books, a cup of pistachio shells, dog nail clippers, a remote control car (that I promised to put batteries in two days ago), five hair ties and a starfish. Oh, and my water! Wahoo! Bonus points!

    • You got me pretty good, Shannon. 🙂

      Ok–are they empty shells? I get the nail clippers since I know the dog connection. Baffled by the car. Is it a dog toy? Oh, when my hair was long, I’d always have elastics by my bed. Starfish … ??? You are a real mix, Shannon. Of course you do get bonus points for the water!

  8. cool blog topic. it is neat how much you can tell about a person from their nightstand.
    I have my iPad, which I read from. And an iPad charger. And a bottle of water. And kleenex. That’s pretty much it, except for the occasional hair tie. =)

  9. Kara Flathouse

    I don’t have a nightstand:( When we finally got our matching bedroom set we could only afford one! But I have a little pile on the floor which includes books, my cell phone, water, pen and paper. I think you are on to something here. You could learn a lot about a person through various spots in their house! Love this.

    • I love your pile of things on the floor. That is so awesome and totally something I’d do. Yeah, I have another couple ideas along this line for future posts. I think it’s fun, or maybe I’m nosey … ah, no matter! 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh, my nightstand is so boring! It has a lamp on it. And a burp cloth that I use as a coaster. And that’s it.

    …I wonder what the clutter on my bathroom vanity says about me?

  11. Hmmm, yep, mine’s similar – books, nose spray, chapstick, glasses, alarm clock, and always a big bottle of water! I know most writers say to keep a notepad and pen for those brilliant bursts of inspiration that strike in the night, but sadly, that never happens to me, so I don’t bother with the notepad and pen.

    • You know, I’ve pretty much never used the notepad for middle of the night writing. Ok, maybe a couple times but I could barely read what I wrote. I like to think of the notebook as an invitation to my dreams to produce something good!

  12. Your daughter’s sweet quilted table topper tells me a lot about her :). I don’t read in bed, so my books tend to take over the end tables in the living room. One new thing on my night table I cherish — a porcelein tricket box commemorating the Queen’s recent Jubilee, sent by my in-laws from London. Fun topic, Ginger!

    • Oh, your trinket box sounds special. That quilt blanket is pretty cool. A friend of the family quilted it for her when she was born. It has a little embroidered picture on it that was on her baby announcements. So cute!

  13. I only have a lamp and my alarm clock on my bedside table. But the table has drawers, so that’s where I keep all my stuff, just put away so no one can see. And, yes, I have one drawer devoted to books. 🙂

    • I knew you had to have books someplace near your bed! I’m going to make sure my new table has drawers so I can be a little less cluttery. Or I might be a hopeless case!

  14. Ginger, I do love your ideas. Who would have ever thought to blog about nightstands? You, of course. Mine isn’t terribly interesting. An antique lamp that doesn’t work very well but I can’t seem to part with it. A memo holder thingy that’s hard to describe and has no real purpose there other than it matches the decor of the room and was a gift from my mother. And of course alarm clock and pile of books, topped by my kindle.

    I used to keep water next to my bed but at my age I get up twice a night anyway to eliminate the last glass of water, so I take a healthy drink while in the bathroom. The coaster that used to hold my water glass now has a smooth gray ‘worry’ stone from our trip to Ireland a few years ago.

    • Kassandra, your nightstand items tell me a lot of about you. Someone who can’t part with not fully-functional lamp and keeping something mainly because it was a gift from your mother tells me your are sentimental, thoughtful, and appreciative of things that speak to you. Of course the books and Kindle say you’re awesome, but we already knew that!

  15. Karen McFarland

    You a such an inventive person Ginger! Actually, I think you’d make a great spy! You’re a nightstand slueth! LOL!

    What is on my nightstand? Well, we are blessed to actually have matching nightstands, although they are 36 years old. Our bedroom set was the first thing we bought when we got married. So NOT new, but very useful. Anyway, I have a lamp, books. Yes, Plot and Structure rests it’s weary bones amongst the pile next to my head hoping that by some subconscience interaction, I will finally get this fiction writing thing down. I have a Elin Hilderbrand book lying underneath. Yes she is one of my favorite authors. Love the way her brain works. Read “Barefoot” or “Blue Bistro” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Then of course, ever since my dear husband bought me a kindle six months ago, that has made its way to the top of the pile. There is always a glass of water that throughout the night, (I pee and then drink before returning under the covers), and a box of kleenex for the same said reasons you had mentioned. The clock rests on my husband’s nightstand. I do not wish to know what time it is. Time seems to go by too fast for me! He too has a matching lampstand from Kirkland’s (cheap, but lovely), and a stack of books since I have shut off the cable. So we’re two middle aged bookworms reading side-by-side at night. Boring! 🙂

    Sending big Hugs to you girl! Stay cool!

  16. We’ve got matching bedside tables with cupboards underneath because I thought we could keep our books in there. Instead, we both now have a cupboard full of books and a pile of books on top too. Plus the charger for my iPod, coaster for my morning coffee (with cross-stitch my sister did for me), notebook and pen, chapstick, and kleenex (although I’ve been trying something new for my allergies and it seems to be working). Your daughter’s looks very cool – I need to get more creative 🙂

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