WritersButt Wed–Jennifer Update and Road Trip!!

Happy WritersButt Wednesday.

Ok, so it’s nearly midnight and I have to leave by 5 am for a two-day cross country road trip and I woke up today at 3:15 am. Yeah, I’m a little nutso-mode.  And of course, I was to have written this post earlier and have had it in the cue ready to roll tomorrow while I was on the road but well … you know the drill.

But, it’s WritersButt Wednesday and I can’t let you down. Please pretend that you were anxiously awaiting this post, just for kicks, okay?

Before I go on and on about my road trip, I know we have quite a few new followers (WELCOME!!!) because of the fabulous Jennifer Oliver and the start of her journey.  Well, she just posted a wonderful update on her blog –> HERE!!!

Isn’t she completely awesome?  Yes, she is.

For those of you interested in starting from the beginning, in THIS POST, I included a list of links from the beginning to about mid-June.  Also, we hang out here on the WritersButt Facebook page, in addition to Twitter with the hashtags #writersbutt and #wanafit.  Please, join the discussion, fun, motivation and group love!  And please, if you have ANY questions, I’m here to answer them, kick your butt and give you a high-five!

Now — Road Trip!!

So, you might be asking yourself, what does Ginger, miss 90% Paleo diet, pack for a 2-day road trip?  Well, I’m going to show you!  We have been traveling cross-country for many (MANY) years. First just William and me as a dating (and  then newlywed) couple and then as a growing family.  Over the years, we have mastered (in my sleep-deprived opinion) the art of road trips, finding what works best for us.

I remember in the beginning, when the kids were little (diapers!) that we had one of those mini-tvs with the attached VHS player. Yep, you read that right, VHS!  We had a huge bag of Disney movies.  Oh the magna-doodles!! We also have a huge case of music CDs. Now with iPods and satellite radio, the idea of packing a ton of CDs cracks me up.

Also, we are huge audio book listeners on road trips. I can’t imagine a road trip without an audio book! Anyone in the backseat can watch DVD’s in the drop-down player (w/ earphones) so that the rest can listen to books. Normally we listen to Harry Potter and have done this for years.  This year we are switching it up and going with another book.  (I know some of your are wondering so we’re listening to Divergent by Veronica Roth –I’ve read it twice—and I might download Dark Life from iTunes because my son is dying for me to read that.) I have the book downloaded to an iPod and we can listen that way through the speakers. We’ve come a long way from a huge back of VHS tapes.  😉

In terms of food, we have also come a very long way.  In the early days, we’d stop at whatever fast food place had a playscape for the kids to work off some energy. It took about 2-3 years before we realized this was insane!  Those places were nasty-dirty, the kids got totally amped up with the play and the processed food.  Nope—that HAD to change. Now we pack food that doesn’t upset our stomachs, and gives us healthy nutrients and energy from protein and fats.

Here is what is going with the Calem Clan from Texas to Tennessee!!

Three containers of chicken with grapes. We’ll eat that at a rest stop.  I will add some toasted almonds. YUM!  We have a bag of fresh strawberries and grapes.

Hard boiled eggs for protein and fat.  For years we have had fresh sliced apples with cheese.

Sparkling water, nuts and here I cheated and just got a can so instead of being unsalted, they are slightly salted.  Also, protein bars for kids and me.

Here’s a fun tip for kids. Even though I stay primarily Paleo,the kids still get some ‘treats’ and one of them is cereal.  We leave for our trip long before the sun rises.  I get many hours of driving in before we make our first pit stop. Last year I got the brilliant idea of packing these cereal things with plastic spoons. I get small whole milk at the gas station and they have a little breakfast.  

Make no mistake that this is the most important thing that I pack. This is my wine for when we get the hotel. I’ll have been driving for about 11 hours on little to no sleep. The kids will be swimming because we always book a hotel with an indoor pool.  There is pretty much nothing I want more than a glass of wine!  Oooh, another tip.  We don’t go ‘out’ to dinner.  After sitting in the car all day, the last thing that we want to do is sit at dinner.  We order pizza (kids!) and salad (everyone) to be delivered to the hotel.  We veg out with the TV and are just happy we’re out of the car until tomorrow.

Speaking of the next day. They kids make full use of the hotel’s continental breakfast and then we’re on the road again.  About 5-6 hours later, we are at the lake and  …. All Is Good!!!

So tell me, what are your road trip tips? How do you spend the hours of monotonous driving?  Are you road warriors (like us) where you’re on a mission to your destination or do you wander off the beaten path to see what you may discover?

Also I’d LOVE it if you went to Jennifer’s blog and/or commented here, to give her some support after surviving her first couple weeks. She’s doing so well!!  Go Jennifer!!


One last thing, I am hoping that my internet will be better than in years past and I will be able to keep up with my blogging.  I will be away from home for over a month.  (Lucky-Me — I know!!)  If my internet is sketchy, I’m sorry!  I will do my best. Don’t give up on me!





About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. where are you going to and from, ginger? I always pack food for travelling with little kids. even big ones. even when I’m alone LOL

  2. Ging, great road trip packing ideas. My parents were big brown baggers. I hated it as a kid (it’s hard to get excited over a squashed pb&J when you smell burgers cooking nearby on a grill and fries (fries!). But as an adult I love it. We still pack food for Disneyland for Pete’s Sake. Except now we compromise and order burgers but eat them with carrot sticks and grape tomatoes from home. And we have apples, nuts and dry cereal for snacks. Everyone is happy with the mix of good food and treats and we can totally smoke the other people on the way to the next ride.

    Have fun at the lake!!

  3. Those are wonderful snack ideas! We love the Clif bars and nuts around here, but now I need to try some of the otherss:) We got started on Harry Potter when my husband picked up the audio book for a road trip. I love listening to books while on the road. And I love the wine, we usually grab a few beers so the hubby and I can unwind, but wine sounds good to! Have a wonderful trip:)

    • Doesn’t Jim Dale do an amazing job with the HP audio version? I could listen to him all day long and I actually have! 🙂 Many years I didn’t think about the ‘unwinding beverage’ until we were close to the hotel and we had to drive around looking for a liquor store or gas station that wasn’t in a dry-county. I have now learned to plan ahead!

  4. Ginger, a trip to the lake sounds fantastic!
    I needed you around back when my kids were little to help me pack good food for road trips. My girls were crazy for fries, so we’d end up at the play places too. 😉

    I totally blame my great progress on all the wonderful people I have cheering me on! Without them, and you, it would be much harder to meet these goals and stay positive. Thank you!

  5. Have a great trip and a wonderful time at the lake, Ginger! I popped over to Jennifer’s blog yesterday and rooted her one. She sounds wonderfully alive and vibrant and so happy. Yay, Jennifer!

    Roadtrips with kids are a thing of the past, but we rarely stopped for sidetrips on our way to our destination. Favorite snacks were homemade granola bars and the nut and dried fruit mix (the name escapes me right now). However, every vacation, we stopped on the way out for an early breakfast at McDonalds. Yeah, shoot me … 🙂

  6. Coleen Patrick

    We love road trips! Mad libs were one of our fun activities. 🙂 I hope you all have a GREAT time.

  7. Oh man, those are some great tips for packing a road trip lunch for mostly-Paleo enthusiasts (of which, I am one – mostly.) Thanks for the tips!

    I’m working hard on my potty squats/wall presses for Writer’s Butt… the water has gotten harder to accomplish, but I think that’s because I need a new water bottle. Guessing how many ounces I’ve drank isn’t any fun.

    Have a great trip!

    • Thanks, Dahnya. I really love your enthusiasm. Cool that you’re ‘mostly’ paleo. That’s excellent. Most of the recipes and food tips I post will be paleo inspired because that is how I eat.

      Yes, you need a bottle where you know the ounces and you know you have to drink 3 of them or 5 of them, or whatever. I have one that even has a little marker on the lid and I move it to the next number every time I fill up. It’s available at Target! 🙂

  8. Awesome tips! These are good for hotel stays as well (if you have a mini-fridge). Thanks for the chicken salad idea – I love grapes in mine, too. I think the cereal is my favorite – the Hubs and Kid love their crappy cereal so this will be a huge bonus for them. I’ll have my Fage yogurt and they can have their treat. Win-win! Now, I need to plan a trip somewhere so I can use all these great ideas.

    Have fun at the lake!

  9. That chicken salad looks delish. I’m not planning a road trip, but nothing says I can’t follow these tips at home, right?

  10. You drink wine from a container that has a plastic cap? Hmmmm.

    Great tips!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  11. I’m curious about that wine, too, Ginger 🙂 Looks like it packs great, but how does it taste? I stopped by Jennifer’s blog too and am very excited by the #wanafit hashtag. I’ve been inspired to rededicate myself to my fitness goals!

    • See my comment above … yes it’s pretty good. I do boxed wine a lot for my ‘every day’ wine. They keep longer because they are never exposed to the air. Like any wine, some are better than others but some are really good, promise!

  12. Wow. I just realized I haven’t been on a ‘real’ road trip in almost nine years. That was to Tennessee (beautiful state!) for a funeral, so it was pretty much zero fun. Now you’ve got me thinking that it’s probably time to plan something a whole lot more enjoyable.

    Between you and Jennifer, you’re both inspiring me to try to lose a few pounds, although as I mentioned to Jennifer, between hypothyroidism, a gluten sensitivity, and possibly looking into adrenal fatigue and something else…can’t remember what the doctor called it, but it’s like insulin resistance, it’s kind of like trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. However, anything I do will improve my health so…I may join your Writers Butt Wednesdays. 🙂

    • First, yes, please join us on Wednesdays and also feel free to ask me questions any time. You do have some factors to work around but nothing is impossible. I can see a common thread with what you’re dealing with that perhaps can be largely dealt with through food.

      Second, absolutely it’s time for a road trip! I’m in east TN now and you’re are absolutely right, it’s a gorgeous place. I’ve been spending my summers here for over a decade. Time for you to come back and NOT attend a funeral.

      • Well…you inspired me to do a short road trip. My daughter and took off yesterday (for the day) to Lake Michigan. It was a bit longer than we anticipated, as we got lost…twice…between Grand Haven and Holland, but it was a blast.

        Actually I do have a question. More of a ‘what do you think about this’ kind of thing. After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (three times in the last six weeks), I decided I wanted to a modified version of Joe Cross’s 60 day juice fast…adding smoothies, fresh fruits and veggies, and a protein powder (I’m thinking whey or rice). At this point, 10 days is my plan, possibly working into 30, if it’s not too hard…and who knows? Maybe the whole 60 days. Do I sound completely nuts?

      • I should add that NOTHING works for me. Not counting calories, reducing carbs and sugar (think a diabetic meal plan, though I’m not diabetic). I eat quite a bit less than my 120 pound daughter (most of the time), drink water almost exclusively…and I can’t get five pounds to budge. Even going to the pool for 45 minute workouts…6 days a week for months last year didn’t help.

        I know it sounds like I’m lying or exaggerating…but it’s the gospel truth. So I am thinking I need to do something drastic for a while. It’s not like vegans and vegetarians don’t do something like this, right? 🙂

  13. The one staple that I never travel without is a bag of dried cranberries. I suffer from some pretty severe motion sickness, and for whatever reason, cranberries settle my stomach. Plus, they give me a little boost of energy and when I’m tempted to buy fast food along the way, I can munch on them instead.

    • That’s a great tip. I’m not a fan of raisons (which are in pretty much every pre-made trail mix) but I do like dried cranberries. I’ve made my own trail mix adding them in and it’s delicious!

  14. Well, this is great information for me. I’m getting ready to go on my first road trip, which happens to be cross country & I’m doing it myself. I will remember to pack healthy food for eating during the day. A big question I have is how to workout while traveling. I really don’t want to lose any strength I’ve gained since starting CrossFit.

    • Emma, how many days are you taking for the trip? I’m assuming you’ll be staying in hotels, right? If you want to workout during the trip, which will probably make you feel great after sitting in the car all day, you can do a TON of CrossFit stuff in your room or in the hotel gym. Think burpees, lunges, sit ups, squats, pushups, sprints on a treadmill (mixed in with that bodyweight stuff), jump rope, Knees-to-elbows if you have something you can hang on … Get creative. I bet you can come with some fantastic blog posts about working out on the road. I can’t wait to read them! 😉

  15. FAB tips and tricks Ginger! I love it!
    Hope you enjoy your MONTH at the lake…so jealous!
    Off to visit Jennifer and offer some support and rah rah cheering!

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