It’s a Mad-Mad Monday

*Does the above picture have anything at all to do with this post? NO — But it makes me smile, especially because above child is now 6 feet tall and drives his own car.

*Are you smiling at his cute little face? YES — Come’on, admit it!

*Did I start knitting a pair of gloves instead of getting to my writing this morning?  YES

*Do I have plenty of perfectly good notebooks in my desk drawer so that I could have my pick for the conference in Surrey?  YES

*Did I buy a new notebook at HEB anyway?  YES

*Will I buy another notebook before I leave because I won’t be able to help myself? PROBABLY

*Did I explain the pure awesomeness of a fine-point sharpie to a woman at HEB and help her pick some out?  YES – I’m her hero.

*Did I buy myself a sharpie? NO

*Do I regret the above decision? YES

*Did I intervene and tell a woman looking at a book not to bother and suggest a better book? NO – it’s banned book week. Ginger not part of problem.  I just ‘thought’ my opinion loudly.

*Did I see a woman wearing denim overalls and it was not her Halloween costume. YES.

*Did I set my car alarm off in my driveway, after my purse (and keys) were inside, so that I had to throw a case of water on the cement to race into house, jump over dogs, screaming “ACCIO KEYS”?  YES

How’s your Monday going?


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. I’m having the feeling of “It’s only Monday” not a good sign.

  2. My Monday started out at 2:20 a.m. when the bear decided he wanted a snack from our trash can. This was 2 nights in a row I was rudely awaken from a sound sleep to chase a little black bear out of my carport and two mornings in a row I have had to pick up trash from my driveway, the road, and the neighbor’s yard. When I did finally get back to sleep, it must have been around 4 a.m. only to have the alarm clock blast me awake 2 hours later.

    I was a little cranky this morning. But, I’m all better now. Sort of.

    Tonight we shall double bungee the trash cans and move them to a new home so that if said bear decides to stop by again, he’ll have to do a little investigating before he can snack. Motion sensor lights are in place and hose is ready by back door to squirt if necessary. I love living in the woods, but do I go snooping around the bear’s den at noon and wake him up? No. I wish he’d give me the same courtesy. Sheesh.

    I’m really hoping I won’t have to get up and squirt water at the bear tonight. I need an entire night of uninterrupted sleep.

    Happy Monday from bear country!!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Wow — you battle bears!? Damn. 😉 I bet you win too. I can’t image hosing a bear. Don’t they run pretty fast? I do hope you get some much needed sleep. You’ll have to came back and update us tomorrow.

      And, thanks regarding my ‘baby’. It’s hard to believe he was ever that little.

      • No bear last night, but my husband parked his truck in the carport too and we sort of wedged the trash cans between our cars and a wall and then booby trapped the 4th side. He would have been in for a surprise if he had decided to try and come in. We stacked empty boxes and plastic buckets on top of the trash cans so they would have come crashing down on his head the minute he touched the can.

        But, because we were prepared, no nocturnal visit. Maybe tonight. At least I was able to sleep through the night!

        Yay! Happy Tuesday!


  3. Oh, forgot to mention – DARLING baby boy!!


    • Patricia, there was a segment on the Today Show yesterday showing a black bear who kept going up onto this porch. The video showed a woman coming and basically yelling at the bear, fiercely, to get off and go away. Scared the bear to death. Thought of you. 😉

  4. ADORE that picture of Greyson! Glad your Monday has been full of things you love including a little hectic to keep you on your toes. Guessing you haven’t done your workout then either. I still need to do mine but, with each passing minute…’s looking dismal :-\

  5. prudencemacleod

    Ah, a fellow notebook hoarder, I see. Another thing we writer have in common. Hope Tuesday is kinder to you.

    • Oh yes, I hoard and hoard them. Then I feel they are too precious to write in. Oh, I’m sure Tuesday will be great. Actually, today wasn’t bad at all. Lots of things to keep me laughing at myself. Kind of like those sorts of days.

  6. Ha. Can’t wait to see that notebook. I bought myself a new pen on Sunday. Because teachers got 20% off. And I’ve already lost it. In my bedroom. Sigh.

    • It’s a very cute notebook. I may have swooned. I held off on a new pen. Still have two weeks. Need to spread the indulgences. Lost it in your bedroom, huh? Check under the pillow. 😉

  7. Hehehehe. Accio keys. I love that way too much.

    I’m a notebook person too. I have three right now, and I justify it because I keep them in different rooms. You know, just in case I have a great idea while I’m in the living room and don’t want to go to the bedroom for the other notebook 😉 That’s a good excuse, right?

  8. lynnkelleyauthor

    Made it through Monday with throbbing sinus headache, achy eyeballs, all that good stuff. Having a good Tuesday. How about you, Ginger? Yes, that photo of your son made me smile. How fast they grow, huh? Take care!

  9. Love the pic of your son, love “accio keys!” Have fun in Surrey!

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I truly believe I am part of Harry Potter. It’s real in a very special part of me.

      Can’t wait for Surrey only i have SO much to do in the next 2 weeks.

  10. Shannon Esposito

    What a cutie patooty! They grow up waaaay to fast. Mine made me cry in the car yesterday because he said “mom, in three birthdays I’m going to be ten.” What?! I know how fast three years fly by and he’s still a baby, how is that even possible??? Yeah, so that was my monday moment…no vaulting over dogs, but hard all the same. 🙂 You should do this kind of post every week, so funny!

    • Thanks, Shannon. He’s more and more like an adult and it’s scary, and awesome, and frustrating and makes me proud all at the same time. HUGS to you on your baby reminding you that he won’t always be one. *sniff*

      I’ve thought about making this sort of post a regular thing. Didn’t take long and was sort of fun to pull out little slice of life tidbits. Thanks for the vote! 😉

  11. it’s wednesday and i’m reading blogs I missed earlier in the week..rather than writing. OOPS. what is HEB? this is your friendly Canuck asking. is that little cutie yours? how old is he now?

    • Hello to one of my favorite Canucks! 🙂 Ok, so HEB is our grocery store. They are initials, I assume from the man who started the chain. Funny fact, the “B” stands for Butts. So my husband’s grandmother used to say, “I’m off to Butts.” hee hee!! Or how about, “I get all my produce from Butts.” And yes, that little cutie is indeed my son, Greyson. He’s 16, a junior in high school and much taller than both his parents.

  12. My Monday went a bit better than that, but, you know, got to have a half way decent Monday every once in a while!! Hope the rest of your week is going better!

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