Can your dog tell time?

As we all know, we just had our ‘fall back’ in daylight savings time where we got an extra hour of sleep.  There were status updates all over Facebook about how this was fallacy if you had children.  Of course, they meant small children because let me tell you, teens sleep right through that extra hour and try to raise you another.

I’d love to say that we sailed right through this clock-shift. But enter Toula …

Toula – 1/2 Airedale 1/2 border collie

Isn’t she pretty in her furry glory?  She’s super talented too. She can tell time. In fact, the older she gets (she’s closing in on 10 years old) the more accurate she is. Her stomach is run on a clock so precise, Swiss watch-makers weep in envy.

Here at Casa Calem, Toula likes to be fed shortly after 6 am and on the exact dot of 5 pm, or earlier if she can trick you into not believing the time on your cell phone. The time calculated by the big satellite from Zeus himself.

If you are late in the morning, she will cry. She’s not above it, even though it’s embarrassing to be sure. To her credit, she’s subtle about it, at first. A little squeak on her exhale. A low moan thrown in for emphasis.  If ignored she will throw a big, furry paw up by your face, you know, as a reminder that someone is forgetting the time. Far be it for her to be pushy.

A sheepish Toula 😉

In the evening, her gentle, sweet reminder, well, isn’t so gentle or sweet. She smacks her paw down on Gia’s purple melamine dish so that it flips into the air and clangs back onto the tile. There’s no ignoring that folks.  Once she’s flipped it a few times, she’s collapse next to it as if on the very edge of her survival and sigh, loudly!

I have this thing about being told what to do by a dog. I feel like I should be the boss. In the past I’ve attempted to teach Toula a lesson. I tell her, in my most patient parent-voice, “For every time you whine in my face, I’m going to add 10 more minutes to the time when I will feed you.”

She never listens. Why doesn’t she get it?

When we finally approach the bag of kibble, she will thrust her head in there as if to make sure we’re getting it right. Like we’re going to accidentally scoop out something different from the large yellow bag on the floor of the pantry.

She has no faith!

Needless to say, Toula has been Miss Bossy Boots the last few days. She would like to protest the changing of the clocks and institute a new mandate. Live life through the clock in your stomach and make sure the humans tow the line.

Anyone else have pets bossing you around?


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. I’m afraid I’m more easily trained. Lily has no need for the time on a clock. It’s all about what her stomach is telling her. Weighing in at a whopping 5lbs, her metal bowl is half her size. When her stomach decides it’s time for food, she carries the bowl around and drops it. It rattles and rolls around on the floor. If on the first attempt, she doesn’t get your attention, she will bring it closer to you and drop it again. A couple weeks ago her tummy was growling at 2am. I’m so well trained that I got out of bed, fed her and got back in bed. I never would have know it happened except for the fact that Philip was harassing me about “My” dog waking him up in the middle of the night.

    • Oooh, Lily is gooood! 😉 You indeed are well-trained by that darling little mite. Too funny! P.S. Tell Philip that because he’s up already, he can fill the dog dish. ha!

  2. Toula is a darling–and smart! My cats are hopeless at “the big hand’s on the seven” stuff and know to check the digital clocks. Mostly, though, they follow a hungry-at-dawn-and-dusk schedule, so the end of DST didn’t throw them. I’m the one who was desperate for lunch at 10:30 this morning.

    • I’m always fascinated with personalities of cats because they have such big ones. I’m allergic, so we are cat-free home, otherwise I’d have one. Funny, so you are pretty scheduled in your eating too. You and Toula would be good buddies!

  3. I love your story – clever writing!………..GRAM

  4. No problems with the time change. My pooch only eats once a day (vet said that was better for bigger dogs; she’s Alaskan Husky/German Shepherd). Right after our dinner. Don’t know what we were thinking when we set up that routine. It means she’s underfoot the whole time we’re clearing the table and loading the dishwasher. If stumbling over her a dozen times is not enough reminder and I should happen to forget to put kibble in her bowl, she runs up and down the hall between my study and the kitchen/family room. She comes into the study, looks at me, then runs toward the kitchen. When she realizes I’m not following she runs back again, looks at me, etc. Somewhere around the fifth time she starts letting out little yelps.

  5. too cute. I leave the bowl full for my two pooches. but heaven help me if it’s empty for more than a moment…they sit on my lap and whine and cry and send sad long looks toward the pantry (where the dog food is kept). I’m well trained.

    • Haha! Sounds like you indeed are well-trained. We used to do the ‘keep food in the bowl’ routine until we got Gia. Toula was a bit overweight and Gia was a baby so we put them both on a measured amount 2 x a day. Toula dropped 10 lbs and is now quite a bit more spry. The highlight of her entire day is getting food dropped into her bowl.

  6. I think I’m part dog. (Oops. I originally typed “party dog.”) That too, maybe.

  7. LOL Yep, I can relate. I didn’t think my dog Wolfgang was that smart, but he started the bowl-tossing thing right around five yesterday (they usually eat around 7pm). So his time-telling ability is still a little off. My turtle, OTOH, is very consistent in letting us know if it’s after 7pm – she swims to the closest corner of her tank and splashes like crazy whenever anyone walks past her room!

  8. Toula sounds adorable. My geriatric Belgian will while in the evening until I give a cookie, or 3. He has me very well trained. 😉

  9. I love that I know Toula so well and have seen her do exactly as you’ve written. She’s a sweet and hilarious character!! 😀 😀 We’ve been lucky as both Indy and Lucy seemed to have sailed through the time change. That said…..I’m with Toula and would like to give up the whole clock changing thing. That of course would make my astrophotographer husband sad though as he anxiously awaits the sky to go dark….

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