The way elections SHOULD be won!

I Voted! 2012

In the aftermath of this week’s presidential election, I’ve had some thoughts swirling around in my head. More thoughts than ‘I’m so incredibly glad that it’s over and some semblance of goodwill and joy can return to social media … or any form of social interaction for that matter.’ I’ve been thinking about what a total waste of money and effort campaigning and election fundraising are.

The fact that I’m even blogging about politics and elections is shocking. (Those who know me, you can get up off the floor. No need to be so dramatic.) It’s safe to say I can’t stand the topic. I never have. Pretty much the entire political arena is a turn-off for me. I like to associate with people who talk straight and honest. Who say what they mean and mean what they say. I do not believe you’ll get that from any politician. Call me jaded. Call me cynical. It’s what I believe.

Something my husband said as the election results were coming in was how sad it was that so much money, like millions and billions of dollars, were raised and spent on the various campaigns. And for what?  I wonder if any campaign ads or efforts the politicians did with that money changed your mind about whom you would vote for?  Did it?

In this Huffington Post article, it shows what else that money could have funded, things like, nearly half of FEMA’s budget, near universal primary education in 2015 and one month’s mortgage payment for 6 million Americans.

In the end, you will have one who wins and others who lose. And billions of dollars spent by each of them telling the world what they think we want to hear so we will vote for them.

What really gets me is all that money is spent in the effort to tell you what they are going to do. How they will makes things better. How they will make a difference.

It makes me sick when I see ‘so and so spent 3 million …’ I don’t give a figgity-do about what a person raised to get into office. Now, if that same person raised 3 million and funneled it directly to the northeast in the wake of Sandy, well, I might care a bit more. If a politician’s passion is the national debt, raise a billion and apply it where your passion leads. Be helpful. Be active. Be good!

Make a difference NOW!

Here’s how I think campaigns and elections should be run. I believe each candidate can and should raise funds all they want. Raise loads and loads of money. And then use that money to do what they say they are going to do. Don’t tell me what you’ll do after you move into the oval office, or take a seat in the senate … do it now. Prove it. Before Election Day, the American people will get a report on each candidate. We’ll see what they accomplished with their funds. We can then vote on the candidate we feel did the most, or managed to make the biggest difference in areas important to us.

There’s a lot of talk about our debt, the economy, health care … well, the campaign is the time to address those things with the funds being raised. I’d love to see who makes the biggest difference, the most positive impact on our nation.

Perhaps this will give more power to 3rd parties as well. Anyone can step up to the plate. Anyone can get creative, think outside the box. I mean, the candidates need to be in an all-out battle to out-good each other.

In the end, we will still have a candidate who wins and the rest who will lose. But we’d also have a whole lotta good accomplished in the effort. American wins on all fronts!

The only way I’m going to ever get into politics is if it fosters more good will than bad. More positive than negative. When it’s more constructive than destructive. Until politicians turn into Superheroes, I’ll just stay out of the game and remain hopeful that the human spirit will remain strong and that we are indeed a nation of people, with hearts and souls and the power to do good by each other.


About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. I hear you, ginger. Even those of us north of the border were pretty sick of your last election – and i’m already hearing people throwing in their hats for 2016 for president? OMG. part of the solution to the money issue is to shorten the campaign cycle. let them convince you in 6 weeks, rather than 4 years.

    love your idea of having them show us, ahead of time, what they have done with the money, rather than telling us what they will do is genius. I also would like anyone who lies to not be allowed to take their seat – whatever it is. and I don’t care about your opinion of the other guy. I want to hear your positive message. Negative messages won’t move me at all. ever.

    and by the way, the last paragraph is directed to the canadian system, not the american one.

    • You and I speak the same language, Louise. Yeah, I’ve heard 2016 already too. Really?! For crying in the wilderness! What a mess!

      I hope you all north of the border know we all aren’t so inane as our election-process.

  2. Ginger, I love your thought process on this. Great idea that I’d totally support if it was ever adopted.

  3. Brilliant!

  4. Amen, sister. We could use those ideas in Canada too. Heck, Ginger for queen of North America. I’ll vote for you! Well said Ginger. You are right on the mark with this.

  5. Every time I heard how much money was spent on spreading the hate, all I could think was…it might not make a huge dent, but 6 billion (which I believe was the last figure I heard) would at least help a little in paying down the deficit.

    I’ve come to believe that television stations should be required to run maybe half a dozen 30 second ads for each candidate every week (without charging them…just a public service kind of thing). Work out something similar with newspapers, magazines, etc… Only make it a LAW….all they’re allowed to do is run on their platform. What they’ve done, and what they want to do (not what they ‘will’ do, because they can’t act alone, no matter how much they might want us to believe that). If they start slamming the other guy to make themselves look better, they’re automatically out. Save that crap for the debates (which should also be a public service thing).

    Then, since we KNOW they’re capable of raising more money than vast majority of Americans will ever see…make it a requirement that they continue to do so…and apply it toward the deficit. They don’t get any brownie points for it…just to pay their dues. And if they can’t apply a set amount before the campaigns begin (I think 5 billion each would be fair), they can’t run at at all.

    Yeah, I’m still a little burned out by what happened this year. But the saddest thing to me is still the way so many voters acted, and how they treated anyone who disagreed with them/didn’t support their candidate. Social media is great…except when it comes to politics.

    • Yep. It’s not only a shame about the wasted money but also how politics makes so many people act. Brings out some much ugliness and meanness. That’s why I believe every effort should be focused on doing good. May the best Superhero win!

  6. *Raises hand vigorously* This! This!

  7. Stupidly enough, most of that campaign money goes to their muck slinging commercial ads. Honestly, how many people truly decide who to vote on based on those things? All it does is confuse people and muddy already murky waters. Even if we just took that amount and set it aside to pay off some of our debt or back into Medicare we’d be doing loads better. You’re so right about the wasted money. (BTW, I blogged about all the nastiness and the effect on friends, families and ultimately, our country.)

  8. I love following politics, but do not write about it, much. Campaign and election reform is so desperately needed. I saw a statistic that showed between Obama and Romney they individually spent over 700 million on mostly negative ads attacking the other. That does not factor in the huge amounts spent by the super PACs. I too, can’t help but wonder what better uses that money could be put to, instead of a lot of hyperbolic grandstanding that does nothing to change most people’s minds.

    • Serena, I just saw this comment. Sorry my reply is so tardy. When I see 700 million mostly on negative ads attacking, I just feel sick to my stomach. What a horrible waste. You are so right, reform is needed. The focus has to be switched on doing what is truly right and good, above all else. Thanks so much for commenting.

  9. I wish things worked that way! Unfortunately, I think plenty of people really are swayed by pricey ads and commercial bombardment. I also grieve that so much campaign money could have been used to defend, educate, and improve our country. How about a grass roots campaign for Ginger Calem to take over future campaign treasuries?

    • Oh goodness, just the thought of me taking over anything to do with politics … I think I just broke out in hives! haha!! I grieve over that same fact. Why not do what is good and helpful?


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