WritersButt Wednesday – Sneeze Edition

I interrupt the regularly scheduled WritersButt Wednesday post to ask you a burning question. And by burning, I mean raw, itchy, strawberry-allergy-nose, question.

A friend of mind who shall remain nameless, and it’s definitely not Liz Jasper, believes that Kleenex tissue with lotion is the best option for chronic dripping. I disagree completely. I firmly believe the only tissue that shall be allowed to wipe my tender allergy nostrils is Puffs Plus with Lotion.

You all have to help me set her straight. Tell Liz which tissue is best and make sure you answer Puffs Plus with Lotion.

And to make sure you feel sorry for me, so that you’ll absolutely agree with me, here’s a little video that clearly demonstrates what I’ve been doing since last week and only subsides if I self-induce an antihistamine fog complete with glassy, vacant eyes.



About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. I don’t think either of you want to hear that I gave up on tissues when Kleenex stopped making man-sized tissues. I use paper towels, they last longer than tissues. LOL My nose has adjusted.

    • Funny, Pat. Actually, when I’m not being cheap … er delightfully frugal, I buy Viva paper towels. Those make great nose-wipers and sneeze-catchers! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I thought this was wonderful, until I saw the video — then I thought it was WONDERFUL and HILARIOUS!!!!!

    Hope you get to the ‘all clear’ zone soon!

  3. Oh, that poor baby bear. He needs a hanky.

  4. You’re both wrong. It’s the Kleenex with Aloe. A-L-O-E. My nose actually got better as the weekend progressed. Try it. You will be amazed.

  5. George Covarelli

    Ginger ,
    I see your dilemma, However, coming from the construction industry, we don’t have time to worry about what we wipe our tender allergy struck nostrils on. Most of which are the common coffee shop napkin , shop rag, paper towel, old T-shirt preferably one that has been recently washed with Downey, a true luxury. And let us not forget the common long sleeve.
    Sorry I cannot be more objective or helpful here, BUT!! With my years of limited experience in this matter, I would have to agree with you on the Puffs Plus with Lotion are even better that the T with Downey.


    • Love it! You are right, sometimes you just grab whatever and I’ll admit to doing just that. Makes me think of the days when people used handkerchiefs. There is a bit of eww-factor involved, but I see the appeal in the conservation and soft-cloth on the nose sort of way. From one GC to another! 😉

  6. Um, you are sooooooo wrong, Ginger. Kleenex with lotion are the best. Puffs just don’t measure up. Not even close!

  7. That poor dear little bear. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. As for the tissue debate. I must disagree with you both. It was proven at the National Institute of Health laboratories that tissues with any additives were detremental to the healing process. They further opined the facial tissue industry would be better off returning to the two-ply tissue of days gone by and forget all fragrances and added lotions. NIH advises to use an inexpensive ointment (no fragrances added) for the soothing of one’s delicate nostriles.

    • I know, poor little bear! Wish I could snuggle him. Only, I’d probably sneeze on him. Interesting study into tissues. My primary need is that they ‘get the job done’ while not chafing me. 😉 That said, I’ve been known to coat my nostrils in vaseline until I wipe it away after the next sneeze.

      Thanks for swinging by, Sheri.

    • Finally, at least I get some respect for my delicate nostrils! Sheri, you are no doubt right. I’m pretty sure what I really need is to go even more days-gone-by and have a gentleman-hero follow me around and continually proffer clean handkerchiefs.

  8. It’s all in my chest now. Which is good in the sense that I’m no longer turning into Sneezy the dwarf, and excellent in that I’ve acquired a sah-weet old man chest cough.

    (You know what got me through? KLEENEX WITH ALOE (and lotion and whatever else they shove in there. Puffs pfffffffft!)

    I haven’t tried an old t-shirt, though. I thought it might be awkward if I blew my nose on the person sitting next to me on the ferry (“Excuse me, do you mind if I just borrow this little corner here of your tshirt? You wash it with Downey, don’t you?”).

    • Oh, I do feel bad that it’s sunk into your chest. That is NO fun with the coughing. I’ll just let you clutch your kleenex box shall I?

      Your comment, along with George’s, reminds me of that commercial with a mom and her son standing at a bus stop of something. Boy is about to wipe his nose on his sleeve. Mom says, “No, not on your sleeve,” and proceeds to dig into her purse for a Puffs Plus tissue as the little boy turns and wipes his nose, not on HIS sleeve, but the nice man standing next to him, shirt undoubtedly softened to perfection with Downy. 😉

  9. So you’ve been a real bear, huh? Tee hee. I couldn’t resist that.

    Puffs Plus is good. You’ve made an excellent choice in tissue.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Yep, a real pitiful, poor-soul, bear. Would almost have been better if it were a cold, because it would have been gone by now. I’m at the mercy of mother nature and antihistamines.

  10. Aww…that poor little bear! I just wanted to hug him.

    At sneeze central around here, we use Puff Plus. But we have enough experience with spring and fall allergies (my daughter more so than me 😦 ) to know that even the softest of tissues are going to irritate a nose after wiping it seven-thousand and forty-two times…so we also use lip balm on our noses (NOT the same tubes we use on our lips).

    Fortunately Michigan seems to think it’s still March so we’re getting a bit of a reprieve. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  11. Puffs plus! Allergy season hit at the same time that I brought a new supposedly hypoallergenic puppy into my house. The bear reminds me of my Pippin. Sadly, he and I both have been sneezing, but Puffs Plus is a plus!

    • Yay — someone firmly on my side! Although I’m sorry you’re needing them as much as I am. But a more pressing matter … what kind of puppy? I love me some puppy happiness!

  12. Ah it is that season, isn’t it? Well, as you know, I’m a natural girl. So I would not use the kleenex with lotion. Sorry Ginger that I can’t help you out here. But do take care. 🙂

  13. Wait, there’s a difference? 🙂 I call all facial tissue Kleenex and I do prefer it with lotion. But the actual brand name makes no difference to me. It’s still Kleenex.

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