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Is killing people a trend now?

I hope you will forgive me for the tangent I’m about to unleash but if I don’t get some things off my chest, I will literally combust in my own emotions.  I can’t remember a day recently that some horrific story hasn’t been on the news about purposeful pain and destruction inflicted on one human from another human – or group of humans. From extreme bullying to the point where children kill themselves, to child rape victims being left in the snow to die or not, to teachers dying at the hands of students.

Excuse me please but, what the hell is going on with humanity?

Why does it seem that these sorts of evil acts are becoming trends?

With the political arena in our country in combative turmoil and what seems like incessant acts of cruelty on our fellow humans, it feels as if our very structure of base humanity is broken.

Why is this happening? And more importantly, how can we fix this?

Teachers should not go to work and be at risk of being murdered. They’re our everyday heroes! Why does it seem that more and more often, children (and adults) are brought to a mental state to inflict pain and destroy life? When did that become commonplace? I’m aware that there has always been crazy people being evil. It just seems that it’s gotten completely out of control in frequency.

We can debate gun laws, rampant mental heath issues and the graphic nature of video games until we are blue in the face.  That’s already being done. You know what is not being done? Finding a solution!

Why does it seem that everyone is so angry and mean?


Just why?

Ok, clearly I’m beside myself. After hearing this morning about the 24 year old teacher killed by one of her students, I just broke. I’m heartsick. I’m overwhelmed. That poor woman had barely started to live her life. She had a Bucket List to include Christmas in New York and to marry the love of her life. My God, it’s just too much awfulness and somehow, there’s got to be a way to stop all this madness.

I don’t have the solution.  It feels hopeless. But I have to try. So while I don’t know how to ‘fix’ this epidemic of Lost, Broken and Desperate, I have a list of some things that we should all try to do daily. Perhaps these will start ‘trending’ and we can hope the tides of humanity will change to nurture goodness and kindness more often than evil.

*If we make eye contact with another human being, we smile. If they seem sad or angry, smile harder.

*Our first reaction to any given situation is ‘how can I help’?

*We assume the best before we assume the worst.

*We purposefully fill our hearts with hope so there is no room for despair.

*We allow ourselves to love each other, even the crabby people because they need our love the most.

*Every single day, we make someone else feel good about themselves.

*Every single day, we make ourselves feel good about ourselves.

*We never make anyone feel insignificant.

*We take joy in other peoples’ happiness.

*We boost our own morale by boosting someone else’s

*We are not afraid to say we are sorry.

*We are never too busy to be grateful.

*We try to spread positive energy so that it will become an epidemic.

*We are simply KIND and THOUGHTFUL first, before anything else.

*And that we forgive, because we are all human together.

I believe if we all did even a fraction of these things daily and encouraged others to do so as well, it would help our world. It certainly can’t hurt!

Thank you for letting me share some of the burden on my heart today. I truly wish that something unexpected makes you smile today and that you turn right around and share your smile with someone else.






WritersButt Wednesday – Do you actually TRY to be happy?

Today for WritersButt Wednesday, I’m going to send you off to read something. But you have to come back and talk to me! I saw a link to an article from one of my Facebook friends titled:

“10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science”

Pretty hard to resist clicking that! No brainer, right? So off I went and I was thrilled to find that most of the items are components in my WritersButt program. I mean, did they see inside my brain? You know what else was totally cool? I literally do ALL of those things, in some way or another. Boom!

Let’s see how you do.  Go on … READ THIS and find out. I’ll wait right here.


Georgetown, TX fall sunset -- a pretty picture to look at while I wait … :)

Georgetown, TX fall sunset — a pretty picture to look at while I wait … 🙂

Hey, welcome back. Pretty cool, right? Did you notice all the WritersButt approved items there?

Exercise (fast and effective!) – Sleep – Time outdoors – Meditation – GRATITUDE!!

These are truly simple things to incorporate into your life that will help you to be happier. It’s mentioned numerous times throughout the article that doing these things also make you more productive. A happier person is also more creative. I’ve already given you tons of back-up information and studies on how exercise and sleep and even certain foods boost your creativity. All of this goes hand in hand and it’s NOT hard! It’s not time-consuming. You have nothing to lose … and your happiness, health, creativity and productivity to gain!

My challenge to you is to make sure you are actively doing at LEAST 6 items on that list, commit to a majority of them. Make it a test for one week. See if you can incorporate a minimum of 6 of the following items into you daily (that means EVERY DAY) life and see if you notice a difference.

  1. Exercise more: Who is still doing their potty squats? How about some fast lunges or push ups. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes and just move. Come on – you can do ANYTHING for 5 little minutes!
  2. Sleep more: You will not get more accomplished by sleeping less. I promise. You might for a day or two, maybe even a week, but your work will suffer and so will you. Squeeze in more sleep!
  3. Short commute: I suspect this one will be the hardest for some to do based on life’s circumstances. My husband commutes to work and it’s at least a 2 hour drain in his day.  For years he’s worked an shifted schedule to lesson the time, going into work early and trying to get out of there before the onslaught of rush-hour. Maybe your employer will work with you on this? It’s worth a shot.
  4. Family and Friends: Surround yourself with people who bless your life and then don’t waste any chances to be with them. You are likely blessing their life too. Life is so uncertain, don’t miss any opportunity to be with those you love.
  5. Go Outside: I have given you all homework to take walks before. Get outdoors. Soak up some natural vitamin D – a mood booster!! Breathe in the fresh air. Feel the breeze blow through your hair. Turn your face to the sun and absorb the warmth.
  6. Help Others: Make an effort to actively help others. I call this, ‘getting into their gratitude journal’. If everyone kept a gratitude journal, how often would YOU or something you did be something someone else recorded as a gratitude in their life? Make their list!
  7. Practice Smiling: Smile your way to happy! It’s the easiest gift to give and it’s usually reciprocated. Back up your smile with a positive thought and really let your eyes lit up with joy! Challenge – see how much people you can get to smile back at you in any given day.
  8. Plan a trip: I love this one and do this all the time. I get daily Living Social and Groupon emails with deals. I’m on the ‘getaway’ list and love to check out vacation getaway deals. Just putting myself on a virtual vacation calms me and makes me smile. Dream!
  9. Meditate: For me, this is the very hardest one because I get going so fast that I don’t force myself to slow down, physically and mentally. My mind is racing. I am going to challenge myself to find 2-5 minutes a day to settle my mind and be calm with my body. When I have done this in the past, I’ve loved it. I know it’s a learned practice so I’m going to work on this.
  10. Practice Gratitude: My favorite!!  Keep that gratitude journal. Send a message to someone, maybe even a tweet or FB status, to tell them you are grateful to them or that you are grateful for something they did.  Help make Gratitude go Viral!!

So tell me, does any of this resonate? What are you going to work on? For me, I pledge to meditate daily and to take up my gratitude journal again in addition to physically reaching out and expressing my gratitude to someone for something specific every single day.

Have a great week!

Honeycrisp Extortion!

The Honeycrisp Apple

The Honeycrisp Apple

Why are honeycrisp apples so expensive? This is not a rhetorical question. I really want to know. Do you think it’s because they are seriously the best tasting apple on the planet? My mother tells me they are ‘from’ MN and therefore come from good stock, so maybe that’s why they have a bigger price tag.

I mean, they grow on trees same as galas, red delicious and your tart granny smiths, right? Does it cost more to grow a honeycrisp? Are the honeycrisp trees watered in honey-whiskey? What gives?

Maybe if we all boycotted the honeycrisp, altering the supply and demand cycle, we’d, as a nation, have brought the price per lb down to an acceptable level.

But that’s not going to happen, is it? It’s not because who can resist?!!

I can tell you my son couldn’t. See my Facebook status from Friday when I discovered a heinous crime had been committed.

honeycrisp FB funny post

It should be noted that there was a perfect acceptable granny smith, right on top, first thing to grab. He had to DIG for my honeycrisp. I hide my treasures well.

So tell me, do you have a particular item or treat for which you pay more, even though it kills you to do so? You know, something that makes you just a little bit selfish?

And I hope someone will explain WHY the honeycrisp is so darn pricey? I want to justify the expense outside of the amazing flavor. At this point, a gala pales in comparison.

If you are someone who has never tried a honeycrisp apple, let me give you some advice.


Save yourself the heartache. Plus you’ll only drive up the demand and soon I’ll be paying over $5 a pound or something.

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