Honeycrisp Extortion!

The Honeycrisp Apple

The Honeycrisp Apple

Why are honeycrisp apples so expensive? This is not a rhetorical question. I really want to know. Do you think it’s because they are seriously the best tasting apple on the planet? My mother tells me they are ‘from’ MN and therefore come from good stock, so maybe that’s why they have a bigger price tag.

I mean, they grow on trees same as galas, red delicious and your tart granny smiths, right? Does it cost more to grow a honeycrisp? Are the honeycrisp trees watered in honey-whiskey? What gives?

Maybe if we all boycotted the honeycrisp, altering the supply and demand cycle, we’d, as a nation, have brought the price per lb down to an acceptable level.

But that’s not going to happen, is it? It’s not because who can resist?!!

I can tell you my son couldn’t. See my Facebook status from Friday when I discovered a heinous crime had been committed.

honeycrisp FB funny post

It should be noted that there was a perfect acceptable granny smith, right on top, first thing to grab. He had to DIG for my honeycrisp. I hide my treasures well.

So tell me, do you have a particular item or treat for which you pay more, even though it kills you to do so? You know, something that makes you just a little bit selfish?

And I hope someone will explain WHY the honeycrisp is so darn pricey? I want to justify the expense outside of the amazing flavor. At this point, a gala pales in comparison.

If you are someone who has never tried a honeycrisp apple, let me give you some advice.


Save yourself the heartache. Plus you’ll only drive up the demand and soon I’ll be paying over $5 a pound or something.


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  1. ha-ha! I love honey crisp apples and I hide them too! I buy a bag of organic small red delicious apples for the girls & hide my honey crisp 🙂

    My other fave item is the organic avocados. Good Lord, they are pricey but I love them. Thanks for the laugh.

    • So funny, Karen. I do the same thing. Buy more of a less expensive fruit (or whatever) for the horde of teens that traipse through my house like starving locusts and tuck away the little gems for me. That sounds so bad but … 🙂 Hey, not sure if you saw on FB a week or so ago but I have a new avocado snack that is to die-for! Slice your avo in half — remove pit. Drizzle with honey, sprinkle with raw sunflower seeds and you can even sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon. SO Good!!

  2. My thought to why honey crisp apples are so expensive it that there’s less grown and too many who like them.

    Our children are grown and out of the house. However, they stop in occasionally, especially the one son who lives locally. Just the other day I had him stop for homemade pulled pork sandwiches and cole slaw for dinner. I’m a good mother. Kid arrived, looked in fridge (I don’t know for what since I was packing the pulled pork, rolls, and cole slaw.) Hubby looked at me and grinned. Hubby had hidden the Oreos and Taste Cakes before said son arrived.

    It’s a standing joke that if we don’t want something to disappear immediately that we hide it if we know kids are coming over. On the other hand, we invite them if we bake a cake or other large dessert so that we don’t eat the whole thing over a period of time. We are a confusing family for sure.

    • I love it, Pat! Your husband was ahead of the game. hee hee!! For my teens and their friends, I’ve started making large bowls of pasta salad, etc, so they can nosh on it for a few days and not put me in the poor house.

  3. I am partial to honey crisp–and Fuji! I love the crisp, sweet apples. Also, I will pay more for the good grapes. Around here the cheaper ones tend to have a thicker (yuckier) skin.

    • You are so right, grapes are not created equal. It kills me to pay more for the good kind but there really is a difference and my daughter loves grapes. I used to only like granny smith apples. Loved how tart they were. I’m now more partial to the crisp and sweet, but still not too sweet varieties. I’ve never liked a red delicious.

  4. I like me some honeycrisps, but the other flavors are just as good. You know I live in apple country so there’s plenty to choose from. My new favorite is the winesap. They make awesome pies.

    I have been known to hide a thing or two myself, usually within the mushroom container as I know that’s the one place my hubster will avoid at all costs. Sometimes I can get away with hiding it in plain sight because he figures if it’s right there where anyone can grab it, it’s not of much value to me. Reverse psychology.

    Can’t explain why the honeycrisps are so expensive. I don’t believe there’s much of a price difference out here in California. But, like I said, I live in apple country. I can sometimes pick them up off the street as I drive home.

    Good luck with finding a better hiding place.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Hhmm… not sure I’ve seen a winesap. You’re lucky to have apples right at hand like that. It’s one of my favorite snacks with some almond or sunbutter. Love the image of little treats hidden in with the mushrooms. You crack me up!

  5. Never tried a honey crisp and now that you’ve warned me, I’ll avoid them so I don’t get hooked. I will, however, pay exorbitant amounts for good dark chocolate.

    • Hi Kassandra. Yes, just don’t even try them, you’ll drive up the already out of control supply/demand! 😉 Oh — we buy good dark chocolate too. It’s our weekend treat! You have good taste!

  6. Don’t even get me started on the price of produce. We have $40 cantaloupes here. : /

    I think the price for honey crisps has to do with the limited growing area. There just aren’t as many available as other varieties. Yet. I’m sure production will increase with popularity.

    Have you ever tried ginger gold apples? So good. Just the right amount of sweet to tart, firm skin, crisp texture, and a wee bit of a “bite”. Those are also hard to come by, but so worth the search. I’ll happily pay more per pound for those.

    I also fork over the cash each year for Rainier cherries. They’re always more expensive than bing, but again, I figure it’s because of the shorter growing season. I’ve been known to hide a bag of Rainiers at the back of the fridge much like your prized apple. : )

    Around here we’re coming into nashi season. Those are not cheap. But they’re also unlike any Asian pear you can find in the States. Perfection.

    • I seriously don’t think anything on earth could make me purchase a $40 cantaloupe. Wow! I can’t believe the price of the produce over there. Probably obvious, but is that because so much has to be imported? Or is the locally grown high too?

      I LOVE asian pears! So, I’d probably swoon over a nashi.

      This made me laugh: “Sweet to tart” … “Wee bit of a ‘bite'” …. Of COURSE they are named ‘Ginger’. 😉

  7. The apple of choice in this house in Pink Lady, I have not yet encountered a honeycrisp so will keep an eye out (it might just be a USA thing). I find the crisp and tasty apples are always a lot higher in price than the mushy (ick) red ones.

    • Oooh, I do love a fresh, crisp Pink Lady. (That sounds a bit off — haha) It might be a USA thing. Not sure. Yep, you and I agree, no mushy (icky) red ones. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it!

  8. Ginger, I just went to check on the name of the almonds I buy from Trader Joe’s, and THEY’RE ALL GONE. My husband must have finished the bag. Wah! Anyway, they’re roasted and have half the salt of TJ’s regular salted almonds. Needless to say, the almonds are delish. Meanwhile, can this marriage be saved?

    • Pat!! I always love having you over at my blog. Ok, I have to say, I very concerned for your marriage. TJ’s almonds? Wow — he’s really livin’ on the edge. If they were the dark choc covered ones, I’d have to tell him to pack up. 😉

  9. I hear ya Ginger! What is it with the Honey crisp? They are delish! But, I boycott them because of the price, cause organic Honey crisp isn’t cheap. As an alternative, hubby and I like Fuji apples. And right now they are awesome. It’s apple season people! Yay! You are going to have to reign in that son of your Ginger. lol. He’s a thief! Last Honey crisp. How dare he!

    Anyway, how did you find raw almond butter at TJs? The shelves here have been empty. We are suspicious it’s because of the lack of bees Ginger. So now we’re buying organic raw almond butter at another store similar to Whole Foods, but cheaper. Thankfully. But it’s expensive too.

    • I ate a fabulous Fuji apple yesterday (w/ my raw almond butter). YUM!! I do love apple season. I’m pretty sure Grey will think twice before taking any more of my honeycrisp, especially if I hide them in my bra-drawer. 😉

      Interesting about your TJs being out of raw almond butter. There seemed to be plenty at our TJ. Our store just opened by the way. We finally got one and I had to drive over 30 minutes to get there. We also have raw almond butter at our local grocery. I’ll have to look to see if it’s also organic.

      Have you asked the manager at your TJ’s why they are out of it? I was really happy because the TJ brand was actually cheaper than the one at our local grocer. Hope they restock your shelves!!

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