Is killing people a trend now?

I hope you will forgive me for the tangent I’m about to unleash but if I don’t get some things off my chest, I will literally combust in my own emotions.  I can’t remember a day recently that some horrific story hasn’t been on the news about purposeful pain and destruction inflicted on one human from another human – or group of humans. From extreme bullying to the point where children kill themselves, to child rape victims being left in the snow to die or not, to teachers dying at the hands of students.

Excuse me please but, what the hell is going on with humanity?

Why does it seem that these sorts of evil acts are becoming trends?

With the political arena in our country in combative turmoil and what seems like incessant acts of cruelty on our fellow humans, it feels as if our very structure of base humanity is broken.

Why is this happening? And more importantly, how can we fix this?

Teachers should not go to work and be at risk of being murdered. They’re our everyday heroes! Why does it seem that more and more often, children (and adults) are brought to a mental state to inflict pain and destroy life? When did that become commonplace? I’m aware that there has always been crazy people being evil. It just seems that it’s gotten completely out of control in frequency.

We can debate gun laws, rampant mental heath issues and the graphic nature of video games until we are blue in the face.  That’s already being done. You know what is not being done? Finding a solution!

Why does it seem that everyone is so angry and mean?


Just why?

Ok, clearly I’m beside myself. After hearing this morning about the 24 year old teacher killed by one of her students, I just broke. I’m heartsick. I’m overwhelmed. That poor woman had barely started to live her life. She had a Bucket List to include Christmas in New York and to marry the love of her life. My God, it’s just too much awfulness and somehow, there’s got to be a way to stop all this madness.

I don’t have the solution.  It feels hopeless. But I have to try. So while I don’t know how to ‘fix’ this epidemic of Lost, Broken and Desperate, I have a list of some things that we should all try to do daily. Perhaps these will start ‘trending’ and we can hope the tides of humanity will change to nurture goodness and kindness more often than evil.

*If we make eye contact with another human being, we smile. If they seem sad or angry, smile harder.

*Our first reaction to any given situation is ‘how can I help’?

*We assume the best before we assume the worst.

*We purposefully fill our hearts with hope so there is no room for despair.

*We allow ourselves to love each other, even the crabby people because they need our love the most.

*Every single day, we make someone else feel good about themselves.

*Every single day, we make ourselves feel good about ourselves.

*We never make anyone feel insignificant.

*We take joy in other peoples’ happiness.

*We boost our own morale by boosting someone else’s

*We are not afraid to say we are sorry.

*We are never too busy to be grateful.

*We try to spread positive energy so that it will become an epidemic.

*We are simply KIND and THOUGHTFUL first, before anything else.

*And that we forgive, because we are all human together.

I believe if we all did even a fraction of these things daily and encouraged others to do so as well, it would help our world. It certainly can’t hurt!

Thank you for letting me share some of the burden on my heart today. I truly wish that something unexpected makes you smile today and that you turn right around and share your smile with someone else.






About Ginger Calem

I never met a notebook I didn't want to buy. Pens speak to me. Sticky notes are dear to my heart. Some of my best friends are those clambering in my head trying to get onto the page. And when they have their stories told, and I release them to the world, I hope they'll be your friends too.

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  1. Ginger ~ Not to discount your emotions but the reason we hear about the bad things is that they bother the average person to the point of creating strong emotions. That sells “news” – and the slant on the news is so that the average person (that’s us) feels these bad things are all around us, constantly. The reality is bad and good happens all around us, constantly but good doesn’t sell as well . Our news is becoming sensationalism rather than a reasoned depiction of facts that then leaves us the option to make a judgement. No, it’s all about the emotion. Everything is a crisis, horrible, awful, we need to do something. This kind of news makes us feel strongly. Unfortunately we also stop feeling as strongly when we’re bombarded with the emotions daily so then the emotions must be ramped up to get through to us. Try not reading the news or watching it for even one week and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to see the good around us because we choose to see and participate in that emotion. 🙂

    • Thanks, Mary. I guess what still bothers me is even if I don’t watch the news (which I only have on in the background in the mornings as I get the kids off to school) and even feel better about the good stuff going on the world, because I do know there are tons are awesome things happening, I will still be heartbroken over people killing other people. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems like it’s happening more and more often. School shootings, or the extreme bullying. It’s just so senseless and sad. I can’t wrap my mind (and maybe I don’t want to) around what brings a person to treat another person that way, that is to say, to that extreme? I don’t know. Ignore me. I’m in a state. 😉 Here’s to GOOD selling well!!

  2. Ginger, I think you said here what most of us are feeling about life in today’s world. I don’t know the answer either, but I do know that civility has become a thing of the past. I love your list and I try to live by most, if not all, of them. I certainly hope others do also.

  3. I heart you and your heart. There’s certainly more good in the world than bad, but it’s near impossible to watch the news lately and not feel a bit (or incredibly) crushed. Thanks for being you!

    • Thanks, August. Your comment made me tear-up. What a mess I am! I truly believe you are right and that there is more good than bad in our world. Maybe I lost sight of that fact lately. Time to change that perspective! 🙂

  4. I am right there with you. Things have gotten out of control. Personally I think we need to bring back state/federal assistance for the mentally ill- not that all of these people will be noticed, but there are parents out there who see this evil in their children and they can’t get help. I have seen children with no sense of empathy and wonder when they will be arrested for hurting, raping, and or killing someone.
    But as I can’t magically create more support and help for those with mental illness and developmental disorders, I shall try your ideas.
    I agree that the more positive we are the more we can infect others with happiness. I shall do my best! And remember there are lovely people in the world doing amazing things right now too, they just don’t make the news.

  5. Amen, Ginger.. I can’t believe how many articles there are in my daily paper every day telling about these unbelievable instances. It makes me sick. All we can do is to do our best whenever and wherever we can, to spread love and understanding. I’m trying………….Love, Grandma

  6. I love your list and shared this post. One of the hardest things is to make note of the good things happening around us when we are bombarded by negative stuff.

    It’s so much easier to notice the bad and miss the good. It’s part of human nature. Probably tied into fight/flight instincts.

    Thanks to social media it’s impossible to avoid the news and bad sensational stuff gets the attention and viewers.

    • Yes, that’s exactly it. It can’t be avoided and yet, even if we can manage to avoid it, we ‘know’ it’s still happening. I just wish that sort of evil didn’t happen. I better watch out or I’ll turn into a total PollyAnna Optimists and no one will recognize me. 😉 Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Tasha. Thanks also for sharing my post. I appreciate that.

  7. Now you can understand why we gave up watching newscasts and newspapers and moved to a small, small community of 300 in the middle of a forest. There is good and there are good people out there…just not in the nightly news or in the newspaper or even on social media. We have to protect ourselves and those we love by turning off the news and taking major breaks from Social media and do what you suggest in your post…focus on the good that is around us. Great rant, Ginger. Now turn off the TV and skip the news.

    • Yes, I do think going into ‘the cave’ occasionally is vital. That’s basically me all summer. During the school year, I’ll have the Today Show on as I’m making lunches and forcing the natives out of bed. 😉 I think it might be time to put my soundscapes music station on instead. Or have cocktails for breakfast. In other news, can’t wait to see your little home-retreat someday. We need a ‘Tuesday’ gathering.

  8. Ginger, I’ve almost had to give up watching the news because I can’t stand it. And I believe everyone in Washington, including both sides of the aisle, the prez and the lobbyists should all be fired because they’re SUCKING.

    Most days I try to forget all that and concentrate on loving and nurturing the people I can actually have an impact on. I don’t know if that’s a great answer, but it helps keep me sane.

    Have a fantastic time at the Surrey conference, and spread the love far and wide.

    • Jenny, you summed it up perfectly, “they’re SUCKING.” It’s just so disheartening that our world has so much hate and evil. I’m not naive, I know it always will, but it feels out of control. Even when we don’t watch, we’ll still know it’s going on. *sigh*

      SURREY — sadly I’m still here in Texas! I’m missing Surrey a lot. It’s such a great conference and being able to present last year was the BOMB! Maybe next year.

  9. Most of the ‘reasons’ for the violence that have been explored are just things to blame. Perhaps they contribute. Perhaps not.

    We have a major lack of accountability in our society combined with a lack of problem-solving skills. The lack of accountability comes from all angles too: government, families, etc. I think it’s been growing and largely because we now have a few generations that have no problem-solving skills — no critical thinking skills learned as kids because they’ve been raised in a bubble and haven’t had to figure anything out or suffer any natural consequences.

    I’m not saying we should let kids run with scissors to learn hard lessons, but walking to school when they miss the bus? Oh yeah. Not making the ball team because they haven’t developed the skills, yup.

    Kids are being raised in a fake environment (and from a very early age) and aren’t prepared for any real let downs or problems, nor are they prepared to face the consequences of their actions. Then real life bites them on the ass they don’t know how to react because they’ve never had to. They become victims in their own minds.

    • Hi Valerie,

      Boy, you bring up some great points. I couldn’t agree more. As a mom of 3 teens, I totally battle the balancing act of what to help them with and what to make them figure out on their own. A good example is recently a friend was surprised I wasn’t riding my son (senior in HS) harder to fill out college apps, etc etc. I said, ‘he’s almost 18 and about to go off into the world as an adult. I think he better figure out how to fill out an application.’ That’s not to say we (husband and I) won’t ‘assist’ him, but I’m not going to stand over him and make him.

      The whole issue of bullying or being mean in any way is a real hot button for me. As in, there is a no-tolerance rule in our home about that. I pray we’ve instilled that into our children so they are kind and considerate adults.

      You wrote: “They become victims in their own minds.” WOW — that really resonated with me. I can see so much of society who have this attitude. Time to get over it.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

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