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WritersButt Wednesday – Your journey

Hi Friends!

How’ve ya been? How’re ya feelin’? Whatcha been cookin’?  🙂

So, last night I was watching Biggest Loser. I skipped a few seasons but I wanted to watch this season because one of the contestants was a former Olympic weightlifter, which I’m all geeky about and love to do. Also, Bob Harper is now a huge CrossFit freak and since I have a CrossFit gym, I couldn’t wait to see how he incorporated CrossFit workouts into the show.

I have a love/hate relationship with Biggest Loser normally. I LOVE how these people are changing their lives. They come to the show on a path of total destruction and they leave, or seem to, with hope and tools to lead a healthier life.  When the makeover show comes, no one is boo-hoo’ing more than I am! That said, what I really can’t stand is almost ALL of their nutritional advice.  I can’t stand it because it’s paid by sponsors so they have to say all that crap is good for you, when it’s NOT!  Ok, some of it is good. I love ground turkey and veggies, you know, real food.  But diet yogurt?  UGH!

In last night’s show the contestants had a cooking challenge. First, they had 7 minutes to buy all the ingredients to make a dish.  Then they were going to have 20 minutes to cook/prepare that dish which would be judged by 3 of last season’s contestants based on how ‘healthy’ the dish was and also on taste.

I’ll cut to the chase and say that one contestant made a chicken salad. He seasoned and grilled fresh chicken. He mixed it with mayo, he says a teaspoon or tablespoon, doesn’t even matter.  Her served it with pineapple and celery.  In the store, he waffled over the mayo, wondering if he should get full fat or a low/non fat variety. He decided because he’d be using so little and the dish was to be judged on taste as well as ‘health’ he went with full fat. (See Ginger happy with his choice!)

Come time for judging, he listed off the ingredients and the ‘judges’ were clearly flabbergasted that he’d used full fat mayo. The show went so far as to cut away to the female judge, showing her eyes popping out of her head, rasping out, “FULL FAT MAYO? Oh My God. What was he thinking?” (I might have paraphrased, I was in shock!)

Based on last week’s WritersButt post, where I talked about fat, I’m sure you all can picture me doing multiple things, like eye-rolling, waving arms, scoffing, calling the judges names that might have insulted their intelligence.  I wanted to sprint to Facebook and Twitter and vent about this.  But, I held back, showing what I believe is a supreme level of maturity and self-control.  (Yay—I’m evolving!!)

I also knew that today was WritersButt Wednesday so I thought, I’d vent there.  But I’m not going to do that. I’m not because I thought about this all day and realized that not everyone is at the same place in his or her journey and when you are at different levels of your weight loss (or any) journey, your plan of attack will be different.

Let me explain by sharing a story. A few years ago, we had a guy who really wanted to lose weight and wanted to feel better.  He started CrossFit and did very well in his workouts and got stronger. But we talked how a vital component to weight/fat loss was going to come from his nutrition.

Remember: You gain muscle in the gym. You lose fat in the kitchen.

So, our friend made just two changes.  He cut out white bread and soda. That’s all he did at first.  He was still eating other breads and grains and all sorts of things that I would not recommend but, it was a step he could handle. The weight fell off him, dramatically. Eventually, he cut out more and more, as his goals changed in the course of his journey. Once he’d lost a bunch of weight and was getting really strong, he wanted more, so he had to dial in his nutrition even further. But to start with taking everything out would almost certainly have been defeating for him.

All of this to say what you decide to do in terms of your working out and nutrition will be based on where you are on your journey and what your goals are. Knowing those two key components will mean specific steps for YOU to get you closer to your goal.

What I do in my workouts or how I eat is specific to my goals.  I’m fully aware that your goals will be different so that not everything I do will be a fit for you.  I hope that WritersButt is offering some healthy lifestyle tips and tricks that will apply to many of you on your journey to better health, fitness and to boost your writing creativity!  I mean, that’s where all this started.  Understanding the mind-body connection and taking steps to give your creativity a boost which will carry over to your writing.

I still feel that the poor guy on Biggest Loser should not have been made to feel stupid over a spoonful of mayo, and I’d like to tell him I believe he made the right choice. His weight loss goals are so monumental and stem from not caring at all what his choices were, that the very fact that he stopped and considered thoughtfully about which mayo to choose is a victory.

I’m getting wordy here so I’ll try to wrap this up.  When trying to accomplish something, it’s important to first recognize where you are currently and where you want to be. Sounds simple, but most people don’t do this.  In terms of health, if you are depressed, tired, moody, overweight, have high blood pressure, are unproductive, etc., you have a bit of a journey in front of you but it only takes making some initial changes to start. It takes one step to start the journey! Set yourself up for success by making small changes, like the potty squats, incorporating more and more whole foods into your diet, and eventually increasing the intensity of your workouts.

I promise that if you choose low fat mayo, I won’t have a Jack-Jack attack on you. But I draw the line at soda, especially diet soda. Please don’t get me going. I haven’t matured enough yet!

For some of you, you are already in pretty good shape. Maybe you’d like to lean out a bit more, or use exercise as a vital source of energy and as a creativity booster.  Perhaps you’d like to train for a competition of some sort or start a new sport.  Well, you will have to be stricter with your plan of attack. You may not have the luxury of dessert, or simple carbs, or even dairy. It all depends on where you are and where you want to be.  If you’re already pretty good, then you’ll have to be better.

If what you’re doing right now is not getting you closer to your goals, if you are stalled in your journey, then do something else. What’s that saying? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I’ll leave you with some recipes.  I promise to make it shorter next time!

This isn’t so much a recipe but just some inspiration to use your grill if you have one. We love cooking on our grill and I’ll throw anything on there.  Tomorrow night I’m doing burgers with grilled pineapple and I’m grilling my salad too. I’ll take pictures!  On this grill is turkey dogs (uncured), some bacon-wrapped pork kabobs for the boys and some organic, no anitbiotics, (etc.) chicken sausage.  Of course you see the asparagus.  I totally forgot to trim them and to season them. Oops!  I just threw them on there.

This is the platter of goodness.  I plopped all the cooked asparagus over the meat at which point I drizzled it with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned it.  YUM!

This recipe idea came from my husband. It’s a broccoli, chicken slaw.  I got a couple bags of broccoli slaw mix. You can find it near the cole slaw mix, bags of cabbage, etc.  I added in a can of chicken. (Found near the tuna.) If I had more time, I’d used fresh shredded chicken or rotisserie chicken. Mixed in some mayo (You KNOW I used full-fat, the kind with the olive oil even! Some day I’m going to make my own paleo-mayo, but let’s move on, shall we.), little kosher salt, pepper and some chili powder.  Mix and gobble up! The longer it sits, the better the flavors meld together.

Plate of Yum!


I’d love for you all to tell me what you’d like in terms of workouts going forward.  Do you want me to continue to offer you mini-workouts? Are you all good now?  Anything?  Let me know!  Until then, I want you to give me 5 burpees every time to take a potty break and I want you to lunge there and back for every time to refill your water battle. 🙂

Have a great week!

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