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I’ve been Triple-Tagged — so here goes!


There’s a very fun little round-robin thing going around within my writing community.  It’s called The Lucky 7 Meme and it’s where you post a tiny snippet of your current WIP (work in progress) and then tag other writers to do the same–all based on the number 7.  How cool is this thing?  I mean, you can get a glimpse and tease of all these novels in progress!  Love that!!

So, I was tagged, then tagged again and then, one more time for my Lucky 3rd time’s a charm!  Before I post the rules and do my bit, I want to thank the people who tagged me because they’re uber-cool.  I loved reading their snippets and I think you will too, so click on their names, go to their blog and check them out!

First Jessica O’Neal tagged me.  Jessica is so fun and blogs about all sorts of great things AND, she even vlogs, as she does HERE with an archery lesson inspired by the Hunger Games.  How cool is she?

My second tag came from Alicia Street. Alicia is part of a fab writing-duo as she writes with her husband, Roy Street. You check out book one in their Dance ‘N’ Luv series, KISS ME, DANCER. Love this pair!!!

My 3rd and final tag is from one of my blogging besties, Myndi Shafer.  Myndi is the bomb!  I mean, she makes homemade soap! She also loves music and posts all sorts of fun videos. She takes her music seriously and can be reduced to making an ultimatum if you don’t like a video she believes you HAVE to LOVE! 🙂

Ok, so here are the Rules of the Lucky 7 Meme:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP (I’ve seen page 7 too, which is what I used since I don’t have 77 pages yet!)
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 authors, and let them know.

**Full disclosure: I cheated a tad by giving a few more lines to wrap up the moment. I don’t have to follow all the rules if I don’t want to.  But, I did follow the ‘post as they’re written’ rule. This part was hard because I’m a perfectionist (AKA: edit-whore) and this part was written in 3rd person and now the novel is being written in 1st and well, I didn’t change it. You’re getting it in all it’s rough, 1st draft, glory!!  ACK!!!!

So here a peek at my Ninja-Chick novel currently being written:

Beside her, her best friend Cici lounged in the grass, long brown legs stretched before her, ankles crossed, sunglasses in place so she could admire the guys finishing up their try-outs.  Cici’s a volleyball girl.  She only hangs out at the soccer fields to admire the scenery, the male kind.

“Could you at least be useful?” Mai tossed her other cleat into Cici’s lap and dug into her backpack in search of her shin guards. 

“How do you always get your shoes so knotted?”

“Please, like I have time to ponder.”  She pressed a guard against her shin and shimmied her sock over it.

“Holy crap, Mai, what planet of Gods did that guy come from?”

Mai averted her face so Cici wouldn’t see her eye-roll.  “Don’t tell me you’ve spotted your precious Clay Wellburn.”

“Clay who?”

“Wellburn … wait, what do you mean Clay who?  Only the guy you’ve mooned over all summer.  Only the guy I’m so entirely sick of hearing about.”  Mai got her second shin guard in place and grabbed her other cleat sitting forgotten in Cici’s lap. 

“I’m officially over Clay.” Her voice had taken on a dreamy, fawning quality.

“Oh really?  Since when?”

“Since him.”

Mai spared an impatient glance in the direction Cici ogled and froze.  “Oh my God.”

“I know.  He’s to die for.”

“Not unless I kill him first.”


Now, the fun part!  I get to tag 7 people. Oh my gosh, who to tag who hasn’t already been tagged?  Ok, here goes — TAG you’re it …

Lynn Kelley

Diane Capri

Karen McFarland

Shannon Olson Esposito

Prudence MacLeod

Lynette M. Burrows

Rachel Funk Heller

Have fun!!  😉

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