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My Man-Child and how I cured him with my touch

This is a momentous day in the Calem household. Our first child turns 18 and that means I am a mother to a MAN.

Scan 2

Happy Birthday little Grey-Boy!

Naturally, this has me reminiscing back to the early days of being a new mother. Since today I’m alternating between being happy and proud with being weepy and melancholy, I thought I’d share a story with you from when I was a brand new mom, making brand new mommy mistakes.

And also because I like to laugh at myself. I hear it keeps you young … and clearly I need all the help I can get.

So, back when our son was still a chubby mass of cuteness, before we had a computer, the internet and the wonderful world of Google, it was just me and the baby at home alone to figure things out on our own.

One time I was changing his diaper and to my horror, there was a raised, flesh-toned ring on his groin area. My heart dropped. My son had some rare form of ringworm, or maybe something even worse. With him still naked on the change table, hoping he wouldn’t pee on me, I called the pediatricians’ office in a complete panic.

How did he catch this disease? How serious was this? What kind of mother lets her perfect baby get something, anything?

As I was being connected to the nurse, I decided to examine this ring a little closer. I thought perhaps I should even touch it so I could tell the nurse what it felt like.

I reached out and gently pressed this ring and … it moved!

I told the nurse I’d made a mistake. No, really, I figured it out myself. Thanks very much.

You see folks, when I touched my precious child’s incurable ailment, I realized it was a CHEERIO.

That’s right. A soggy (gross!) cheerio that had made its way into his diaper.

I pretty much healed him right then with my touch. ~sheepish grin~

Okay, so your turn. If you are a parent, please tell me you’ve done something like this too. Make it up even, so I don’t feel quite so ridiculous!

grey young senior pic

Miraculously, that cute little boy above, with the soulful bedroom eyes, grew up into a fine man, ready to make his way in the world, to find the right path for him to follow. It will be so hard to release my grasp on him and let him make his own way. I pray I will always light a path for him to find his way home.

grey senior pic

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