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Let Me Help You Build Your Blog

I’m teaching an online class next month!

Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m just so excited to tell you about an opportunity I was given … which I snatched up in a nanosecond. Early last year, one of my favorite writing instructors, Mary Buckham asked me if I’d be willing to teach an online class about how to build a blog. It is to be part of WriterUniv’s new Indie Track, classes geared toward writers opting to go the Indie route of publishing.

Ginger's Building A Blog Class -- April 1-26, 2013

Ginger’s Building A Blog Class — April 1-26, 2013

Needless to say, I was more than willing and completely thrilled with the opportunity. I’ve known about this for quite some time, time I’ve used to plan this month-long class so that it is as good as it can possibly be.

If you or anyone you know has thought of starting a blog, I’d love to be the one to walk you through it! I’ve written the course with writers in mind, but it can absolutely be applied to any sort of blog; photography, foodie … anything at all!

And, I have PRIZES! At the end of the course, I’m giving away numerous books, fiction as well as books on the craft of writing. Also, I have a grand prize! I started my blogging adventure in the fall of 2011 when I took an amazing blogging class taught by Kristen Lamb.  After taking my Building a Blog class, students will have a brand new blog to call their own, at which point they will be eager to take their blogging to the next level and join forces with a huge community of bloggers and writers like the ones who hang out at WANA-International.

Kristen has graciously offered one of her basic blogging courses ($99 value) as a prize to one of my students! Thank you, Kristen!

I would be extremely grateful if you could help me spread the word on social media about my class. And if you are someone thinking about starting a blog and want to take the plunge, sign up! I promise to be a nice teacher and to make class a lot of fun!

Keep in mind, class starts in just 2 weeks on April 1st, so don’t dilly-dally with your decision! ~grin~

Here is the direct link to the class description and links to register.

Thank you very much for any support. I truly appreciate it.




You in 10 words!

I’ve been taking part in an amazing online workshop about branding, building a platform and blogging which is being taught by Kristen Lamb, who wrote We Are Not Alone and Are You There Blog, It’s Me Writer.

One of the first exercises was to make a list of 100 words that can be used to define us.  Some people really struggled, some didn’t. Eventually, I think we all got the hang of it.

The exercise fascinated me.  As I read through my classmates’ lists I saw so many similar words and I saw words I wished I’d thought of (and I did add them to my master list — I’m not above sharing notes!)  What was so great is that you can really get an overall feel for a person in the mass of words they used to describe themselves.  I even thought it would work fabulously as a dating service technique, but I digress and I’d like to assure my darling husband that I won’t ever be needing a dating service … he’s totally stuck with me!

I’ve already connected with a lot of my classmates.  I have great new friends.  When I read their 100-list I thought, ‘well, no wonder we get along’!

I thought it would be fun to really narrow the scope and give myself 10 words, only 10 to define me.  Oh, and let’s leave off the obvious ones (mother, wife, friend, sister, etc.) I’ll give you my 10 if you give you yours.  It’s fun, I promise.


You only have 10 words to tell someone ‘who you are’!

Ginger’s Ten:  Writer – Fitness – Strength – Loyal – flip-flops – competitive – Wine – Smartass – Cooking – Christian

Ok, that was actually hard, 10 not enough words!!  But now it’s your turn. Tell me in the comments what your 10 words are!

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