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Thanksgiving or Grocery Derby??

 It’s Thanksgiving time … or is it more like grocery store roller-derby?


You know what I mean, that special time before a major holiday when the masses become possessed.  When there is no greater accomplishment than to out-maneuver that little old lady with the cane to fling yourself on that 24-pound butterball.  In fact, you suspect the cane is fake, brought along to increase her chances of hedging you out of the way of the canned cranberries.

I don’t know about you but I find shopping during this pre-holiday mania kind of fun.


What’s curious about this is that at any other time, if someone so much as pauses in front of the diced tomatoes I’m muttering, “Don’t you know what you want? Have a plan woman … let’s keep movin’!” And Holy-Heavens-to-Betsy on the person with bags and bags of frozen peas-n-carrots and they’re rummaging for more, their cart blocking my way to the brussel sprouts.  I just want to tell him, “Dude, I’m sure they’ll restock by spring and you have enough to last you at least that long.”

So you’d think that the aisles jammed with people and their holiday meal lists would annoy me.  Nope.  I get swept up in the fun of it.  I check out peoples’ carts.  When I see cans of sweet potatoes and bags of marshmallows, I know what they’re bringing.  A cart loaded with bags of breadcrumbs and cans of chicken stock – she’s bringing the stuffing!  And oh my goodness, the excitement over that prize turkey!


My grocery store (HEB) rocks! They hand out samples all over the place … even gourmet cheese and wine. (I KNOW! Awesome right?)

Funny thing is, I’ve never made a turkey.  Thanksgiving has never been at my house.  It’s always been at my mom’s, or my mother-in-law’s, my grandma’s and now my sister’s.  I don’t host Thanksgiving, so I’ve never baked the turkey.  But like most families, we all bring stuff.  I’m always in charge of the mashed potatoes.  I tried to get out of it this year but my husband said my brother-in-law, Bill, would have a heart attack if I didn’t do the mashed taters.  So, fine, 10lbs of potatoes and a pound of butter went into my cart.  (Yeah, they’re that good!) I’m also in charge of the veggie tray because I always want fresh vegetables to nosh on.


My sister-in-law is bringing the canned cranberry because that’s what she likes, still in the shape of the can so she can see the ridges.  My husband’s uncle bakes pies so there are always at least two of those. My mom always brings the ‘party potatoes’ and the booze. (Yay Mom!!) My mother-in-law makes the most amazing chicken tamale stuffing.  I’ve heard that she’s not bringing it this year but is instead bringing potato salad (because Lord knows we don’t have enough potatoes coming!) and chopped liver.  (Um, not sure what short of madness this is but I’m trying to have a Thankful heart and I will not pout over the missing tamale dressing, not too much.)


We are doing something really fun this year. But I’m not going to tell you … yet!  I will save it for my post-Thanksgiving blog post and will promise lots of pictures!

So dish! Are you in charge of a specific recipe every year? Do you host the meal at your home?  Share what YOU’RE bringing to the Thanksgiving Feast!

Also I’d like to wish for all of you the most Blessed Thanksgiving!  I have met so many new people lately on the net that I want you all to know that I have such a full and grateful heart! I wish for abundant joy and laughter for all of you!

{Group Hug}


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